TS-Optics SC to 2" Short Adapter - Rotation System

Part of the TS rotation system Telescopic connection - short adapter from 2" SC thread (Celestron) to 2"

♦ Telescope side connection: Internal thread SC (female)

♦ Camera side connection: 2" internal socket (female)

♦ Overall length: 23.8mm

♦ SC female thread Length: 9 mm

♦ Attachment of accessories: by means of three knurled screws

♦ Application: As part of the TS rotation system, the adapter allows connection to telescopes, correctors and adapters with SC external thread

♦ Additional Application - Adapter is a short transition from SC to 2" receptacle

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics adapter from SC to 2" barrel

The adapter is part of the TS rotation system and allows connection to telescopes, correctors and focusers with SC external threads (Celestron). You can connect the TS rotation system connection adapters to the adapter. The three knurled screws are ideal for the dovetail ring of the connection adapter. It can also hold any 2" accessory.

The TS rotation system: a particularly flexible adapter concept:

The adapter presented here is part of the TS rotation system. It is a further development of existing adapter solutions with much more features. The TS rotation system offers a series of advantages:

♦ 2" connection: The rotation system always includes a 2" connection.

♦ 2" filter connection: 2" filters can be integrated into the system.

♦ 360° Rotation: This always places the camera and eyepiece in the optimal position.

♦ Self-centering and fixing: The connection is made through a ring-shaped groove (dovetail ring), so the adapter is self-tightening and cannot tilt.

♦ Particularly short: This means that it can be easily focused with most systems.

A schematic representation of the TS rotation system:

On the left side you will find the connections on the telescope side, on the right side the connections on the eyepiece or camera side.

The connections can be freely combined, so you can change the connections as you like, in any direction. In addition, the TS rotation system allows an integrated connection of 2" filters.

We offer the following connections:

♦ T2 (M42x0.75)

♦ Thread M42x1 (M42x1)

♦ 2" filter thread (M48x0.75)

♦ 2" SC thread (Celestron)

Possible applications of the TS rotation system:

Here are some possible applications representing many application areas:

♦ A space-saving way to carry 2" filters between the telephoto lens or telescope and the camera. You can, for example, make the Rubinar 300, 500 or the MTO 1000 (Mak 1000) fit for filter photography.

♦ Adaptation with filter insert and 360° rotation for many flatteners and field correctors. Modern correctors offer a greater distance from the connection thread (eg M48 or SC) to the camera level. The rotation system offers an elegant option of rotation and adaptation.

♦ Quick coupling - an important part of the rotation system - in a matter of seconds you will have separated the camera from the telescope or telephoto lens, for example to change the batteries. The laborious screwing is no longer necessary.

♦ Protect the camera from dust: The connection adapter with the 2" filter can always stay in front of the camera, which prevents dust from entering the inside of the camera case.

♦ Protecting the telescope from dust - Mounted behind the SC, the rotating system can also effectively protect the inside of the telescope from dust, and you can put a 2" filter such as a 2" UV and IR cut filter here.

♦ 2" short connection: the rotation system always includes a 2" adaptation. That's a nice side effect, you can easily hook up this exciting system.

These are just a few applications, many results of astronomical practice, and that is exactly what the TS rotation system is, a system developed by amateur astronomers for amateur astronomers.

Connection at telescope side: SC thread (female) - length 9 mm
Connection at camera/eyepiece side: 2" receptacle (female)
Length of the adapter: 23.8 mm
2" clamping: By three knurled screws

♦ TS Adapter

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