TS-Optics 2" Adapter with Compression Ring for Skywatcher Newtonians

TS Optics to 2" Short Adapter with Compression Ring for Skywatcher Newtonian Telescopes

The short adapter replaces the original Skywatcher connection and allows smooth and precise clamping with a brass ring.

♦ Easy mounting, the adapter fits directly into the M54 internal thread of the draw tube.

♦ No focus problems because the adapter is short.

♦ Carefully clamped with a metal ring, no pressure marks left on adapter or eyepiece. It is fastened with a knurled screw that presses on the metal ring.

♦ More precision, tilting is not possible.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics 2" adapter with compression ring for focusers with M54 internal thread

The adapter is our recommendation for all astronomers who want to do astrophotography with the Skywatcher Newton. But the adapter also offers advantages for visual observation. The short adapter offers a more precise attachment of 2" accessories such as coma correctors and eyepieces.

The adapter fits:

♦ All Newtonian telescopes whose focuser has an internal thread M54x1 mm.

♦ All Newtonian Skywatcher telescopes with Crayford focuser

♦ All Orion USA Newtonian telescopes with Crayford focuser

Telescope side thread: M54,3x1 male (fits directly to the Skywatcher focusers)
Eyepiece/camera side connection: 2" with brass compression ring
Optical length: 12 mm

♦ Adapter with M54 male thread for Skywatcher Newtonian telescopes

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