TS-Optics M68 adapter for Moonlite 2.5" focuser

The adapter fits the 67mm thread of 2.5" Moonlite focusers and allows connection of ZEISS Level M68x1 accessories to Moonlite focusers.

♦ Telescope side connection: D=67mm external thread (male) length 4 mm

♦ Camera side connection: M68x1 ZEISS Level internal thread (female) length 5 mm

♦ Optically effective total length: 7 mm - External thread D=67 mm is not included in the calculation

♦ Free adapter opening: 63 mm

♦ With the inverter ring M68a-M68a, the internal thread M68x1 can be converted to an external thread

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The TS M68 ZEISS thread system

Like the T2 and M48 thread, the ZEISS M68x1 thread has long established itself for high-quality fittings. Whenever the smaller US standard threads are no longer sufficient, this thread is often used.

Professional correctors from Teleskop-Service, but also from Baader-Planetarium and many others, offer the M68 threaded connection.

Teleskop Service has specialized in this thread. Among other things, we offer a very short off-axis guider with an M68 connection. The TS M68 adapter system and the Baader M68 adapter system complement each other very well, they can also be easily combined.

Optically effective overall length: 7 mm (the M67 male thread is not included in the calculation)
Length of the female M68 thread: 5 mm
Free aperture of the adapter: 63 mm

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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