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LUIS MONJE ARENAS “Lo que el ojo no ve”

2 Years ago
We want to open this blog with one of the main figures in scientific photography in this country and possibly the whole world Luis Monje Arenas. A globetrotter in a perennial search for what nature, science and...

Mención especial a Raúl López

2 Years ago
From HAXON we want to make a special mention to Raul Lopez, one of the lucky owners of our Achilles II, the battering ram of our brand. https://pixinsight.com/

Darkfield microscopy courses

2 Years ago
Last weekend, July 26th, the Clinical Teaching Center GENTNOVA organized together with the prestigious Chemist and Pharmacist TEÓFILO CALVO the "DIAGNOSTIC COURSE AND HEMATOLOGICAL EXAMINATION BY HIGH DEFINITION DARK...



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