TS-Optics 2" to 1.25" and T2 Adapter for T2 Eyepieces and Adapters

Adapter allows use of 1.25" accessories and T2 accessories on 2" focusers

♦ Connection on the telescope side 2" with thread for 2" filter

♦ Eyepiece side connections 1.25" and external thread T2

♦ Solid compression ring with 2 knurled screws

♦ Ideal multifunction adapter, for example, to build an eyepiece projection adapter

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS Optics multifunction adapter from 2" to 1.25" and to T2

The adapter offers several functions, all of them perfectly resolved.

♦ 2" focuser adapter to use 1.25" (31.7mm) accessories such as eyepieces, star diagonals, or other adapters. The ring clamp provides a secure hold for eyepieces and prevents unsightly pinch marks. The fastening is done by means of two knurled screws.

♦ Attached T2 thread on eyepiece side allows for a variety of additional applications. With the appropriate T2 extensions, you can build an adapter for eyepiece projection or simply use this adapter for focal photography through your telescope.

Telescope side: 2" with M48 filter thread
Eyepiece side: 1.25" receptacle with additional male T-thread (M42x0.75)
Mechanical length: 50mm
Optical length: 10 mm
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