TS-Optics adapter from M63x1 male to M48x0.75 male with 2" filter thread

The adapter allows the connection of M48 accessories to focusers with external thread M63x1.

♦ Connection thread telescopic side: Internal thread M63x1 (female)

♦ Camera side connection thread: External thread M48x0.75 (male)

♦ The adapter is long and allows cameras to be attached without additional extension sleeves

♦ The adapter is ideal for the TS-Optics 71SDQ Quadruplet Apo - see example photos

♦ The adapter can be unscrewed and offers an internal thread for 2" filters - the intermediate thread is M54x0.75

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics adapter from M63x1 to M48 thread

The focal adapter is suitable for all telescopes with an external thread M63x1 on the focuser. It is used to connect straight cameras through the M48x0.75 thread.

The focal plane of telescopes is usually about 120mm or more behind the connection thread. The adapter also replaces an extension sleeve. Therefore, the focuser extension tube is in an optimal position when the focus is adjusted through the camera.

The adapter is divided into two parts, you can unscrew the adapter to use 2" filters or 2" correctors, for example. The M48x0.75 thread is easily accessible.

Thread at telescope side: M63x1 female
Thread at camera side: M48x0.75 male - length 5 mm
Optical path: 56 mm (without male thread)
Filterthread: M48x0,75 filterthread included

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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