BRESSER Messier NT-203/1000 Hexafoc OTA optical tube

High Quality 203mm f5 Newtonian Reflector Telescope (OTA Only)

High quality Newtonian reflector telescope (OTA only)

Mirror diameter: 203mm; Focal Length: 1000mm; F5

Excellent HEXAFOC focuser with 65mm diameter

Handle with integrated camera mount

Scope of supply: optical tube NT-203/1000, accessories

50.8 to 31.7mm adapter + integrated T2 thread

8x50 finderscope with crosshair eyepiece and optimized finder mount for comfortable viewing

Solar lens filter and smartphone adapter included for navigation

Dovetail bar with stainless steel clamping surface (44mm universal dovetail for GP/EQ5/LXD75)

26mm (31.7mm / 1.25") Super Plössl eyepiece

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

NEW: Now includes a high-quality lens solar filter for safe viewing of sunspots, eclipses, and planetary transits. A high quality telescope for night and solar observation.

The BRESSER Messier NT-203 telescope is equipped with a parabolic primary mirror and enables observations that were not possible in this price range just a few years ago. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology makes it possible to track the shadow of Jupiter's moons on the planet itself; the abundance of structure and detail on Jupiter's surface is impressive. The BRESSER Messier NT-203 can not only score points when observing planets: discover structures in distant galaxies and let yourself be fascinated by the nebulae of emission nebulae in the vastness of the Milky Way. See the remains of giant exploded stars with the BRESSER Messier NT-203 and observe the birthplaces of new stars.

Be amazed at the beauties of the universe with this larger than average device!

Note that Newton-type reflecting telescopes are very good for starry sky astronomical observations, but are not suitable for daytime nature and landscape observations. Therefore, we recommend BRESSER lens telescopes for nature and landscape observation.


Type: reflector telescope

Mirror diameter: 203mm / Focal length: 1000mm / F/5

Maximum Useful Magnification: 406x

Telescope for night and solar observation.

Very high quality Hexafoc focuser with 2.5" free inner diameter

Diffraction limited optics with parabolic primary mirror

8x50 viewfinder with crosshair eyepiece

Optimized Viewfinder Stand for Comfortable Viewing

Handle for easy transport with integrated camera mount (threaded photo screw)

Smartphone adapter included for celestial navigation

Dovetail bar with stainless steel clamping surface (44mm universal dovetail for GP/EQ5/LXD75)

T2 SLR adapter (requires optional T2 ring)

50.8 to 31.7mm adapter with integrated T2 adapter (requires optional T2 ring); with brass compression ring


optical tube

26mm (31.7mm / 1.25") Super Plössl eyepiece

Integrated 31.7mm and T2 adapter

Prism rail with stainless steel clamping surface

Adapter for 50.8 mm (2") eyepieces

rotating star map

sun filter lens

Tube clamps with carrying handle and camera mount

Finder telescope 8x50

Smartphone adapter for navigation

Stellarium Astronomy PC Software

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Deep Sky Observation
  • Deep Sky Photography
  • Lunar observation
  • Lunar photography
  • Planetary observation
  • Planetary photography
  • Solar observation
Focus Group
  • Advanced Amateurs
  • Beginners
Product Family Reflector telescope
Optical design Newtonian Reflector
Magnification from 28
Maximum recommended magnification 400
Primary mirror diam. 203 mm
Secondary mirror diameter 60 mm
Mirror/Lens diam. 203 mm
Focal length 1000 mm
Aperture ratio 5
Angular resolution 0.6 arc seconds
Finderscope 8 x 50 mm
Material OTA Aluminium
Colour white
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for open aperture and eyepiece holder
Mount Type Optics without Mount
Product series Messier
Extended warranty 10 years
Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 11.2 kg
Tube diameter 250 mm
Tube length 940 mm
Product Details
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