TS-Optics Twist-Lock Adapter 2" to 1.25" - self-centering

2" to 1.25" TS adapter with perfect and safe centering on the optical axis.

♦ Telescope Side Connection: 2" receptacle (male) with 2" filter thread

♦ Connection eyepiece side: 1.25" receptacle (female)

♦ Overall length: 30mm

♦ Secure fastening by turning the knurled ring perfectly on the optical axis. Tilt is not possible.

♦ The adapter can also be used as a transition adapter from M48x0.75 to 1.25" with a total length of 30mm

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics swivel adapter 2" to 1.25" with filter thread - clamped and screwed on!

The new twist-lock system allows a perfect hold on the shaft. It is no longer possible for accessories to tilt and the annoying problems with the "lock slot and compression ring" combination are a thing of the past.

By turning the top ring, the ring closes snugly around the eyepiece or adapter to a depth of 15mm. A slight tightening is enough to achieve a very stable hold.

The TSTW2-1 fits into any 2" socket and cannot be tilted because it has no locking slot. The adapter has a 2" filter thread (M48x0.75) on the side of the telescope for screwing on 2" filters.

Telescope-sided connection: 2" barrel (male) with 2" filter thread
Eyepiece-sided connection: 1.25" receptacle (female)
Total length: 30 mm
Clamping: By twisting the knurled screw - Twist-Lock principle
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