Telescopio Omegon N 130/920 EQ-2

The Omegon 130/920 EQ-2 is exactly the right telescope for those first steps into the starry sky. With a fairly high light gathering ability, it's easy to go on excursions into the world of deep sky objects. Whether it's Saturn with its ring system or the Ring Nebula, 2,300 light-years away, with its faint smoke ring, all of that and more is possible with this telescope!

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optics 126/920

The 126mm aperture actually offers approximately 22% more light gathering capacity than the smaller 114/900mm model. Compared to the naked eye, the optics collect 320 times more light. These data show that much is possible with this size of telescope.

The highest magnification is not always important when observing, but under good conditions, suitable eyepieces can be used to magnify up to a maximum of 250x. The resolution power and the possibility of enlargement are enough to be able to recognize the first details on some planets. The tube has a 1.25" focuser that can fit all standard eyepieces.

And if you then look outside the solar system, numerous objects like star clusters, hydrogen nebulae, and even some galaxies will be open to you.

Would you also like to take photos? Here you can also dare to take the first steps, because with a simple digital camera and an optional camera adapter you can take attractive photos of the moon.

The Omegon N126/920 Newtonian Telescope is easy to adjust. This is important, because with a good adjustment the telescope will give you its

Show full performance images. There are adjusting screws on the primary and secondary mirrors for this purpose.

The advantages at a glance:

126mm aperture lens

Red dot finder to easily find celestial objects

stable secondary mirror struts

1.25" focuser for all commercially available 1.25" eyepieces and filters

Secondary and primary mirror adjustment screws

Tube weight 3.4 kg / outside diameter tube 168 mm

The EQ-2 mount:

This equatorial mount already reveals the possibility of aligning the optics exactly with the pole star. The correct geographic latitude or polar height can be set for each observing location. With fine movements in the right ascension and declination axis, objects can be sensitively adjusted and tracked. A counterweight ensures that the optics are precisely balanced. Smaller telescopes are already stable and low-vibration on this mount. The aluminum tripod is extendable and height-adjustable, a shelf offers space for eyepieces and other accessories. The second smallest of the EQ stands is extremely light, compact and fits in almost any travel bag. It is easy to set up by any beginner and can be used by children just as easily.

Scope of delivery of the mount:

EQ-2 equatorial mount

stable aluminum tripod

Storage space

matched counterweight

It not only depends on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our additional services:

With each telescope we deliver an issue of the exciting "Stars and Space" astronomy magazines.

We are a leading retailer of telescopes and we know the equipment well. Therefore, our service is also available to you after purchase if you have problems with the structure or function.

We enclose the 80-page Teleskop-ABC beginner's manual with each telescope.

Our expert comment:

Test winner at Verbraucherwelt.de

The telescopes, among other things, were tested in the Sport and Leisure category. Our Omegon N 130/920 EQ-2 model was a test winner compared to nine other telescopes at the time of testing. Find out more now

Read the practical test: What you can observe and photograph with the Omegon 130/920 Newtonian telescope. here is the report

The 130mm aperture is now standard among beginner Newtonian telescopes, as they are barely more expensive than 114mm devices, but collect much more light. However, for a small additional charge you can get the better equipped Omegon 130/920 EQ-3. We recommend the stronger mount variant as there is much less camera shake when observing.

For deep sky observations we recommend an even larger aperture and therefore the Omegon 150/750 EQ-3.

(Bern Gahrken)

The scope of delivery includes an adapter with which the focuser can be extended for eyepiece use. Focus cannot be achieved without the adapter.

Thanks to this adapter it is possible to use both eyepieces and reflex cameras. To connect a DSLR, you just need a camera-specific T2 ring.


Sistema óptico

Tipo  Reflector
Tipo de construcción  Newton 
Apertura (mm)  130
Distancia focal (mm)  920
Relación de apertura (f/)  7,1
Capacidad de resolución  0,88
valor límite (mag)  12,4
Capacidad colectora de luz  350
Ampliación útil máxima  260
Construcción de tubo Tubo completo

Tubo telescópico del ocular

Tipo de construcción  Barra dentada
Conexión (lado de ocular)  1,25"


Tipo de montura  ecuatorial 
Tipo de construcción  EQ-2
GoTo  no


Material Aluminio
Tipo Trípode

Accesorios incluidos

Oculares de 1,25"  25mm, 10mm
Telescopio visor  Visor de punto luminoso 

En general

Peso total (kg) 16
Serie Basic
Recomendación especial


Luna y planetas
Nebulosas y galaxias
Observación de la naturaleza no recomendado
Astrofotografía no recomendado
Sol  no recomendado (solamente con filtro solar apropiado)

Recomendado para

Avanzados  no
Observatorios  no
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