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Omegon power tank with 17 Ah (204 Wh)

Omegon Powertank: the portable power supply for your telescope

You can often find the best viewing spots and the darkest sky outside in nature, but unfortunately there is no electricity. The Omgeon Powertank is the power source for your telescope. You are not tied to the balcony, the garden or the plinth.

So take your telescope with you wherever you go. And enjoy the best sky in your favorite place.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

For Goto Scopes and Simple Motor Tracking

The Omegon Powertank is suitable for all motorized telescopes. For Goto telescopes and for telescopes with 12V tracking motors. Simply place the Omegon Powertank right next to your telescope. Connect a cable with a cigarette lighter socket. Your telescope will already be on for many hours.

Your energy tank tells you what it wants

Four different LED lights always let you know how your power tank is performing. Is operative? The green light is on. Do you need electricity to charge? The yellow light is on. With a power pack (included) you can recharge your power tank at any outlet. Because it tells you when to load it. Avoid deep discharge and you will enjoy your mobile power station for many years.

Assembly and disassembly in the light of the fire

While mounting or dismounting your telescope, simply use the bright spotlight made up of around 30 LEDs. An additional lamp with a red light fixture ensures an undisturbed view in between.

The advantages at a glance:

Power tank for your telescope's mobile power supply

2 cigarette lighter sockets for 12V

2 USB sockets (5V/1.5A output)

Includes connection cable for Skywatcher and Celestron telescopes

large headlight and smaller lamp with flashing function

red light fixture

Power pack to charge the power station

Keep in mind some tips to improve the life of your device:

Never fully drain the battery. Before doing this, turn off the support. This also protects your mount from power surges.

Do not store the battery in an empty state.

Do not leave the battery in the charging station for a long time, turn off the charger as soon as the battery is charged.



Capacidad 17 (204Wh @ 12V)
Tensión de entrada 220
Tensión de salida 5, 12
Salida (mm) 2x tomas de corriente para mechero (12 V), 2x USB (5 V/1,5 A)


Indicador de carga de batería
Protección contra descarga excesiva
Protegido contra cortacircuito
Protegido contra sobrecarga

En general

Color negro
Tipo Fuente de alimentación 
Tipo de construcción Batería 

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