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Omegon N 114/900 EQ-1 Telescope

The classic Newton reflecting telescope, named after its inventor Isaak Newton, has been on the market in these dimensions and design for over three decades and has proven its worth. With an aperture of 114mm, this telescope is significantly faster than lens telescopes in the same price range and is therefore preferred by beginners.

The optics 114/900:

The 114mm mirror allows for both beautiful planetary observations and interesting "deep sky excursions". Discover the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter or our neighboring planet Mars... With good conditions (during opposition) you will be able to see the first surface structures. The tube has a 1.25" focuser that can fit all standard eyepieces. The focuser offers you a focus wheel with which you can focus on precisely set objects. With the finder scope attached, you can search for celestial objects and finally place them on the main tube.The viewfinder has a cross for exact centering.

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

Everything is already included in the scope of supply:

25mm eyepiece for 36x magnification

10mm eyepiece for 90x magnification

6x30 viewfinder to easily locate celestial objects

2 Barlow lenses to double the magnification of the eyepiece

The advantages at a glance:

114mm aperture, therefore 2.5 times faster than a 70mm telescope

1.25'' focuser

The optics are adjustable

The EQ-1 mount: This equatorial mount already offers the possibility to align the optics exactly with Polaris. The correct geographic latitude or polar height can be set for each observing location. With fine movements in the right ascension and declination axis, objects can be sensitively adjusted and tracked. A counterweight ensures that the optics are precisely balanced.

The EQ-1 mount is delivered in two versions, with stand or table tripod (depending on version), see technical data for more details. The tripod is extendable and can be set at a height of 70 cm to 120 cm, a shelf offers space for eyepieces and other accessories. The table tripod is extremely compact and light: therefore it is ideal for excursions or trips. The smallest of the EQ stands is extremely light, compact and fits in almost any travel bag. It is easy to set up by any beginner and can be used by children just as easily. Motorized tracking on the right ascension axis can be retrofitted as an option.

Scope of delivery of the mount:

equatorial mount EQ-1


matched counterweight

It not only depends on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our additional services:

With each telescope we deliver an issue of the exciting "Stars and Space" astronomy magazines.

We are a leading retailer of telescopes and we know the equipment well. Therefore, our service is also available to you after purchase if you have problems with the structure or function.

We enclose the 80-page Teleskop-ABC beginner's manual with each telescope.

Our expert comment:

The EQ-1 114/900mm telescope has good quality optics for its price range. The mirror is spherical, but that's not a problem at all in this case, with an aperture ratio of 1:7.9. The mount can only be used visually for an instrument of this size. Astrophotography isn't much fun, even if less serious providers sometimes claim that.

Be aware of the magnification: Similar telescopes are advertised in many places with more than 300x or even 600x magnification. In theory, any telescope can achieve these magnifications. But you won't see anything anymore! The maximum useful magnification of this type of telescope is around 230x, at which objects can still be displayed sharply.

This telescope undoubtedly offers the best price/performance ratio of all the telescopes in this price range. If you can invest a little more, we recommend the Omegon 130/920 EQ-2 with a larger lens and an even more stable mount.


Sistema óptico

Tipo  Reflector
Tipo de construcción  Newton 
Apertura (mm)  114
Distancia focal (mm)  900
Relación de apertura (f/)  7,9
Capacidad de resolución  1,01
valor límite (mag)  12,1
Capacidad colectora de luz  270
Ampliación útil máxima  230
Construcción de tubo Tubo completo

Tubo telescópico del ocular

Tipo de construcción  Barra dentada
Conexión (lado de ocular)  1,25"


Tipo de construcción  EQ-1
Tipo de montura  ecuatorial 
GoTo  no


Material Aluminio
Tipo Trípode

Accesorios incluidos

Oculares de 1,25"  25mm, 10mm
Telescopio visor  6x30
Lente de Barlow  2x

En general

Peso total (kg) 12
Serie Basic
Recomendación especial


Luna y planetas
Nebulosas y galaxias
Observación de la naturaleza no recomendado
Astrofotografía no
Sol  no recomendado (solamente con filtro solar apropiado)

Recomendado para

Avanzados  no
Observatorios  no
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