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StarWand WIFI Sky-Watcher assisted manual pointing system

StarWand WIFI Sky-Watcher assisted manual pointing system

Laser pointer to direct your mount by hand

Wi-Fi connection on all Sky-Watcher mounts with SynScan

Allows you to orient multiple stands in the same direction

Ideal for clubs with multiple Sky-Watcher instruments

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Sky-Watcher offers a new tool to facilitate the discovery of the sky. StarWand, literally "the stellar magic wand", allows you to point your telescope (equipped with the GoTo SynScan system) towards the target you designate with your hand and StarWand. With a 1 mw laser pointer, point to an area of ​​the sky, click a button with a finger, using a WiFi adapter (included as standard) that connects to your hand control, your motorized mount will be able to orient itself in a few seconds towards the same area. Then you just have to make small adjustments with the SynScan manual control to be exactly on the desired target (Moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, clusters ...).

Therefore, the Sky-Watcher StarWand is very interesting in the context of public observation sessions with various GoTo Sky-Watcher SynScan instruments. After pointing the StarWand, all instruments will automatically move to the same area (if each instrument is properly equipped with an optional StarWand WiFi adapter.

StarWand Sky-Watcher assisted manual signaling system with Wifi adapter

A quick initialization phase allows the StarWand to be calibrated (so that it can be located in the sky based on its location and time of observation). Motion sensors allow it to be used freely throughout the sky. For hobbyist astronomers it can save time ... instead of looking for an object in racket catalogs and validating it. If, for example, you know the position of a nebula fairly accurately with the naked eye, point the StarWand at it and make centering adjustments (in the middle of the field of your eyepiece) as with classic racket pointing.

StarWand is compatible with SynScan versions V3.38 or later / V4.38.06 or later / V.5. A rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery is required (not included). It is recommended to open both eyes when aiming. Like traditional researchers, the red dot sight must be aligned with the optical tube that carries it before use. The method is simple and consists of acting on the azimuth and height adjustment knobs. 2 brackets are provided to allow you to fit most optical tubes.

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