TS-Optics 50mm f/4 ED Travel Refractor, Spotting Scope and Guide Scope with Crayford Focuser - Perfect Optics

The brilliant 50mm ED refractor with the improved 50mm semi-apo lens can be used as a travel scope, spotting scope, and guide scope.

♦ Excellent images through 50mm f/4 ED lens with blacked-out edges

♦ Possibility of use with myopia and adaptation of star diagonals or Amici prisms thanks to the divisible tube

♦ High quality Crayford focuser with 1.25" compression ring and T2 connection: supports up to 2 kg

♦ CNC tube clamps with multifunctional plate included

♦ The telescope fits in standard finder shoes (Skywatcher, Vixen, GSO, TS-Optics...)

♦ 3/8" photo tripod thread is available on the base. With 1/4" reduction, adaptation to any tilt and ball head is also possible.

receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS 50mm f/4 ED Mini Refractor Telescope

This little telescope inspires all esthetes with its image. Even at the highest magnifications, you get an absolutely perfect image of a star. It is also possible to observe the landscape and nature. The contrast and sharpness will inspire you. The mechanics of this compact refractor are also uncompromising and allow perfect work, regardless of whether an eyepiece is used for observation or a camera for tracking.

A strong yet compact guide scope

Simply plug the autoguider camera into the 1.25" receptacle or screw the camera into the T2 thread and focus. You won't have any trouble focusing. The Crayford focuser's wide 33mm adjustment range makes it possible. heavy tracking cameras are the focuser carries it well, without tilting or giving way.The reward is clean, pinpoint stars.Due to the very good star definition, optics with an aperture of up to approx. 10" can be tracked well.

Important: Since the telescope has rigid tube rings, the homing camera must have a larger sensor chip to achieve a large enough field of view to contain a suitable guide star. Alternatively, you can swap the tube rings for guide tube rings and use the telescope in conjunction with a crosshair eyepiece as a finderscope.

A great telescope for observing landscapes and animals.

Use the compact refractor as a spyglass on vacation. When working with straight view, the image is upside down. But with a diagonal star or Amici prism, the image is straightened out. You can use any 1.25" eyepiece and magnifications up to around 100x are no problem for very good optics. Watch mountaineers on the steep face or watch exciting pencil drawings of rare birds. Thanks to the plate multifunctional with the 3/8" Photo tripod thread can be attached to any standard photo tripod.

A small but surprisingly powerful astronomical telescope

You will be amazed at what a really good lens with a diameter of 50mm can show. The craters and mare on the moon are as visible as the spectacular rings of Saturn or the beautiful set of Galilean moons of Jupiter. But many objects, such as double stars, planetary nebulae, or star clusters, can also be seen beyond the solar system. With the NED25 wide-angle eyepiece, for example, the small refractor becomes a large wide-field telescope, with which you can see an incredible 7.5° field of view in the sky. With nebula filters, even faint nebulae, like the well-known North American Nebula, are within your reach. Thanks to the flexible rail, the refractor can be attached to a photo tripod, a small stand or even a photo tracker.


Aperture: 50 mm
Focal length: 200 mm
Objective: 2-element ED objective (1x ED glass) with blackened edges
Focus position: 27 mm above the 1.25" receptacle at inner focuser position - also suitable for wide angle eyepieces
Focuser: shifting-free Crayford focuser - ball bearing mounted
Focuser travel: 33 mm
Tube segment: length 70 mm - can be unscrewed
Connection eyepiece side: 1.25" and T2 (M42x0.75) external thread
Dovetail bar: Fits in finder shoes and provided with female 3/8" photo tripod thread
Weight: 670 grams
Diameter dew shield: 59.5 mm
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