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TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - R&P 2" Focuser - RED Line

The PhotoLine 60mm f/6 APO Refractor is the ideal travel telescope for observation and photography.

♦ 60mm aperture / 360mm focal length / f/6 focal ratio

♦ Colorless and high contrast image thanks to the FPL53 / lanthanum glass doublet lens.

♦ 2" rack and pinion focuser with micro reduction for sensitive adjustment even with heavy accessories.

♦ Includes finder shoe for compact finder scopes or guide scopes - mount on focuser

♦ Handy L-bracket with 3/8" and 1/4" photo tripod connections.

♦ Travel telescope with a transport length of only 23 centimeters: space in every hand luggage.

♦ With the optional TSFLAT60 flattener, the apo becomes a powerful telephoto APO.

♦ Latest wide field telescope for observation.

♦ A good alternative to expensive spotting scopes for landscape and wildlife viewing.

♦ Ideal for mobile astrophotography, also for air travel, eg with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer (image on the left), the Star Adventurer and the camera are not included in the scope of delivery.

♦ Can also be used visually with 2" accessories without any problem

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TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 apochromatic refractor FPL53 - RED version

The TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm Apo is THE travel telescope you have always been looking for. Thanks to the sliding dew cap, the telescope has a transport length of only 23 centimeters. So it fits in any hand luggage. Mount the apo on a photographic tripod or astronomical mount, depending on the application. You will be amazed by the excellent optics and high-quality mechanics.

The advantages and characteristics of the PhotoLine 60 mm f/6 Apos:

♦ Clear, high-contrast image without color errors. This is almost completely corrected by FPL53 (Ohara - Japan) and the associated lanthanum glass.

♦ 2" Ball Bearing Micro Reduction Rack and Pinion Focuser: Even heavy accessories such as CCD cameras focus sensitively.

♦ Threaded connection M54x0.75 for astrophotography for screwed adaptations.

♦ 2" and 1.25" barrel with compression ring

♦ Wide working distance for all common correctors and also 2" star diagonal for observation.

♦ Practical L-bracket with multifunction plate. The Apo fits on all photographic tripods and with optional dovetail bars on astro mounts.

♦ Always in balance, even with heavy accessories: You can simply mount the bracket offset 180°, so that the apo balances even with heavy eyepieces or a large camera.

Photography with PhotoLine 60mm f/6 Apo:

This PhotoLine Apo offers you all the possibilities for astrophotography or landscape and animal photography. The telescope replaces an expensive apochromatic telephoto lens, but needs a corrector. The correct correctors are linked in the accessories area. The image of the Andromeda galaxy was taken with this refractor and corrector TSRed08-60; see also field reports.

TS Optics PhotoLine 0.8x reducer/corrector TSred08-60

The corrector is calculated for this telescope and improves the aperture ratio to f/4.8. The focal length is reduced to 288mm. The corrector fits directly onto the M54 thread of the refractor. Cameras with a sensor diagonal of up to 33mm (larger than APS-C format) can be used.

TS Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener TSFLAT60

With this corrector, the refractor becomes an apochromatic telephoto lens with a focal length of 360mm and an aperture ratio of f/6. A field with a diameter of 41 mm is fully corrected and illuminated. This means that even cameras with full-frame sensors can be used, with some limitations.

The corrector is screwed with the M54 thread. 360° rotation allows you to achieve the optimal camera position.

This apo is equally a joy to watch!

The compact PhotoLine 60mm Apo is also recommended for observation. The image is brighter and richer in contrast than most spotting scopes, and the usable field is larger. It has a magnification range from 10x for better overview to 150x for detailed observations. Matching eyepieces and star diagonals can be found in the accessories section.

Due to the generous 135mm working distance from the 2" receptacle, you always need a diagonal star or Amici prism for observation.


Aperture: 60 mm
Focal length: 360 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Transport length with retracted dew cap: 230 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Objective: air-spaced apochromatic dublet lens - FPL53 & lanthanum glass
Focuser: Dual-speed rack and pinion focuser with ball bearings
Eyepiece side connections: 2", 1.25" and M54x0.75 thread (female)
Backfocus: 143mm from the 2" socket - 158 mm from the M54x0.75 female thread
Tube diameter: 76 mm
Dew cap diameter: 80 mm
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