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Omegon Plössl Eyepiece 9mm Illuminated crosshair eyepiece

Cross-hair eyepiece with adjustable double filament - great for an off-axis guider

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Omegon crosshair eyepiece - for perfectly guided astrophotos

The Omegon crosshair eyepiece is ideally suited for guiding astrophotos when used in off-axis guiders or guide scopes. The extremely fine, illuminated double crosshairs make tracking the guide star much straightforward for you. Instead of having to cover the star, as with single crosshairs, you can keep it precisely positioned in the centre of the eyepiece. Any deviation from this position is noticed immediately, and in time to be able to react.

Making the crosshairs visible

The eyepiece has a red LED light source for illuminating the crosshairs. This is steplessly adjustable via a knob on the side of the eyepiece. There is also a separate dioptre adjuster for you to be able to bring both the star and the crosshairs into focus simultaneously.

It is the magnification that matters
The 12.5mm eyepiece provides magnification that is sufficiently high for allowing good precision guiding. This Ploessl design 1.25” eyepiece has four multi-coated lenses, providing a 40° low-reflection field of view.

And not just for astrophotos

There are also other uses for your crosshair eyepiece. These eyepieces are also very useful for determining the field of view, aligning a mount, or for finding the position angles of double stars.

Perfectly guided astrophotos are no secret, but rather the result of using the right accessories.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • double crosshair 12.5mm eyepiece
  • adjustable LED illumination
  • 1.25“ barrel diameter
  • multi-coated
  • comfortable eye relief
  • filter thread provided
  • batteries included (3x LR54)

The advantages in a nutshell

  • adjustable double crosshairs - particularly suitable for an off-axis guider
  • dimmable lighting, battery powered
  • eyepiece with clear optics for using faint guide stars
  • lens focusing - sharp focusing of the cross-threads for your vision
  • 2x LR44 batteries included

Steplessly adjustable cross-hairs

Sometimes the guide star is not in the centre but rather at the edge of the field of view. This is especially tricky when using an off-axis guider. Adjusting the image field is out of the question. But this model lets you move the cross-hairs in any desired direction.

Dimmable LED lighting with battery

The cross-hairs are illuminated with red LED lighting which can be dimmed by means of a rotary switch on the side. The eyepiece has adjustable dioptre compensation in order to be able to have both the star and the cross-hairs in focus.

9mm Ploessl design

The 9mm Ploessl eyepiece offers a very high magnification. This is good for a fast reaction in case of any tracking deviations with the guide star.

The four lens element design provides a clear and sharp image. Multi-coating ensures high transparency, so that you can make out faint guide stars too.

Photos are not everything

Discover other applications for your cross-hair eyepiece. These eyepieces can also be used measuring fields of view, for the polar alignment of a mount, or for getting the positional angles of double stars.

Perfectly tracked astronomy photos are no secret, but the result of using the right accessories



Focal length (mm)  9
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 
Apparent field of view (°)  50
Coating of optical system  multiple
Number of lenses 4

Special features

Homofocal  -
Illuminated yes
Filter thread  yes


Length (mm) 84
Weight (g) 115
Series Recticle 
Width (mm) 54
Height (mm) 55
Material Metal
Type Eyepiece 
Type of build Reticle eyepieces

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