Omegon Tri-Finder mount for three accessories

Omegon Tri-Finder: 3 riflescopes but only one mount

Which search engine should I choose today? The optical viewfinder or perhaps the LED viewfinder? Don't worry about it anymore. Mount both! Now it's very easy: with the Omegon Tri-Finder you can fix up to 3 finders in a single telescope.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

use up to 3 finderscopes at the same time

fits in your Vixenstyle finder shoe on the telescope

no further drilling necessary

2 fixing screws for each finderscope

made of anodized aluminum and only weighs 215g

Only one shoe is required and not a single hole is required

One shoe to find them all - simply slide the Tri-Finder mount into your existing search shoe. Three more Vixen/Synta recordings are now available to you. Mount your optical sight, your LED sight, or perhaps a laser pointer. You will never grope in the dark again, instead you will find all the weak objects.

A mount for a mini guiscope

They look like search scopes, but they are guide scopes. Astrophotographers like to use them with an autoguider. But best of all, they're easy to mount and fit into the Tri-Finder mount. This may not make astrophotography child's play, but it does make it a lot easier.

How about a smartphone adapter?

In addition to an optical and LED viewfinder, you can also mount a smartphone holder. There are now countless astronomy apps with dynamic star maps. Just use this for your telescope. With your phone and the digital star map in the middle, you'll know exactly where to look. The separately available smartphone adapter can be found in the recommended accessories.

Black Anodized Aluminum

The Tri-Finder offers you many years of enjoyment: Made of anodized aluminium, it is not only particularly light, but is also coated with black anodized aluminium. This gives the stand a sleek and elegant look. But above all, it makes them consistent.

Use different types of viewers at the same time, find your favorite objects easier and faster. After all, we do not want to search for so long, but to observe for longer.


En general

Peso (g) 215
Material Aluminio (anodizado)
Color anodizado en negro
Medidas exteriores longitud x anchura x altura (cm) 13,2x9,2x4,5
Tipo Buscador 
Tipo de construcción Soporte para buscador
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