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copy of Omegon Tri-Finder mount for three accessories

Omegon Universal Camera Adapter - The easy connection between camera and telescope

The rugged lunar surface looms majestically before you in the eyepiece, Jupiter's great red spot spins right in front of your eyes, or Saturn's ring appears to float around the planetary sphere as if it has been pierced. You experience such fascinating moments over and over again, wouldn't it be nice to capture this memory?

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

It's that easy to fit your camera to the telescope

With the Omegon Universal Camera Adapter, you can quickly and easily connect a digital camera or camcorder to your telescope. A metal clamp locks your 1.25" eyepiece into your telescope. You can attach the adapter with a clamp screw on the side and there's a secure connection.

A block with a 1/4" photographic screw brings your camera up to about 500 grams in weight. You can then simply move the camera in two axes until your camera is directly in front of the eyepiece.

Due to the solid construction of the rail and adjustment bar, there is a stable connection between your camera and the telescope.

Your universal camera adapter is suitable for this:

The adapter is suitable for any telescope with a 1.25" inserted eyepiece up to an outer diameter of about 35mm.

Also connect the camera adapter to a microscope, small spotting scope, or large binoculars.

You can use all common compact digital cameras, smaller camcorders and other cameras up to 500g.

The camera can be mounted on the adapter and attached to the telescope extremely quickly. Simply aligning the camera in front of the eyepiece will soon become routine. This is a quick and easy way to take photos of the moon and planets. The Omegon Universal Camera Adapter is also ideal for beginners, as you can take your first beautiful astrophotos of the moon and planets with little effort.

The advantages at a glance:

Solid camera adapter for small and medium cameras

Easy connection to any telescope with 1.25" connection

Precise position vertically and horizontally adjustable

carries cameras up to about 500g in weight

Our expert comment:

Tip: Your camera lens and 1/4" photo thread should be at the same level and not offset from each other. If the lens and photo thread are offset on your camera, we recommend the Universal Digital Camera Adapter Omegon 28. 45mm.

(Marcus Schenke)

Other adapters:

In addition to this cheap camera adapter, we have other models in our range.

The MikroStage-II is particularly interesting. This adapter has a locking function with which the camera can be rotated and it is easy to reposition again and again:


The MikroStage II is particularly interesting for light cameras.



Capacidad de carga (kg)  0,5
Conexión (lado de ocular) Diámetro universal de bloqueo 30 - 40 mm
Apto para diámetro de objetivo de cámara (mm) 30-40
Longitud óptica (mm)  -

En general

Peso (g) 260
Material Metal
Longitud (mm) -
Anchura (mm) -
Altura (mm) -
Color negro
Tipo Soporte de cámara 
Tipo de construcción abrazadera de cámara digital

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