TS-Optics M90 Rocker Adapter with Rocker Flange for Astrophotography

M90 Tilt - adjustment adapter for focusers suitable for telescopes with connection thread M90x1, such as 6" and 8" RC telescopes from TS, Astrotec, GSO...

♦ Telescope side connection: Internal thread M90x1

♦ Camera side connection: External thread M90x1

♦ Optically effective height: minimum 15 mm

♦ The tilt adapter allows exact adjustment of the camera sensor to the telescope's field of view.

♦ The swivel adapter fits, among other things, Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes with 6" and 8" openings with connection thread M90x1 on the rear wall of the tube.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics M90x1 tilting adapter

You have perfectly adjusted your telescope and are happy to see beautiful stars in the optical axis. But your camera shows distorted stars in one corner. The larger the camera sensor, the stronger the effect. Almost all astrophotographers know this "bad corner". Probable causes are:

♦ The field of view of the telescope is slightly tilted. This can be done with a simple focuser or by tilting the optics slightly.

♦ The camera sensor is not exactly at right angles to the optical axis. Manufacturers glue the sensors into the housing. The accuracy is sufficient for normal applications. But high resolution optics show this error.

The tilt adapter from TS-Optics is a possible solution:

You can tilt the focuser sensitively using three adjustment screws to fine tune the camera sensor to the telescope's optical field. Use the opposite screws to fix the position. The elongated stars in the corner are round again. This time-consuming process only needs to be done once. However, we recommend not changing the orientation of the adapter to the camera sensor.

Another possible application for the self-construction and improvement of lens telescopes:

Many simple refracting telescopes have good optics, but do not offer any adjustment options. By placing the GSRCJ90 between the lens and the tube, you can tilt the lens and thus fit it optimally to the tube. All you need is the adaptation of your lens to M90x1 and the subsequent adaptation to the tube.

A 3mm and 2mm Allen key ("Allen") is required to adjust the adapter. These are not included.


Teleskop-Service has provided German instructions in PDF format for the tilt adapter PDF TILT

Connection at telescope side: M90x1 thread (female), 7.5 mm deep
Connection at camera side: M90x1 thread (male), 9 mm long
Optical path: Minimum 15 mm without male thread
Internal (optical) diameter: 74 mm
External diameter: 116 mm

What´s included in the bos:

♦ Helical Focuser with 2 locking screws

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