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Telescope Sky-Watcher OTA Maksutov Mak 127/1500 Black Diamond

Telescope Sky-Watcher OTA Maksutov Mak 127/1500 Black Diamond

Telescope for beginners in astronomy

Ideal for planetary, terrestrial and deep sky observations

Quality optics. Crisp, crystal clear image

Very easy to transport, light and compact

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All about the Maksutov Sky-Watcher 127mm f / 11.8

The Sky-Watcher Mak127 combines compactness and performance. Twice brighter than the Mak90, viewing deep sky objects becomes more obvious. In planetarium, the higher resolution allows starting in astrophotography with good results. The primary mirror, associated with the secondary mirror and with a concave meniscus treated with multiple layers, gives surprising results. The observation of Saturn, accompanied by its rings, is fantastic. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, reveals fine details of its atmosphere.

The Moon is a wonder that you will be able to contemplate in the coming years, since the number of craters that mark its surface is important. There is no chromaticism, unlike achromatic glasses. The tube is very compact and the assembly is easily transportable. Completed by eyepieces with long focal lengths, observing the brightest deep-sky objects such as the great Orion nebula (M42), the Mistresses of Hercules (M13) or the Perseus Double Cluster will satisfy everyone. Under a very dark sky you can easily distinguish other objects (those in the Messier catalog in particular).

Focusing, a key element in obtaining quality images, is accomplished by translating the primary mirror to provide sufficient focus travel with numerous accessories. Heating (cooling of the meniscus in particular) is rapid (much less than 30 min).

Items delivered

1 Sky-Watcher Mak127 f / 11.8 optical tube

2 x 31.75mm Super ploss 10mm and 25mm eyepieces

1 diagonal of 31.75 mm

1 "red dot" finder

1 Vixen-type dovetail integrated in the tube

1 soft carry bag

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