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TS-Optics 2" to 1.25" adapter - only 1mm long

Extremely short 1.25" receptacle adapter - if you don't get the focus with normal adapter solutions.

♦ Connection Telescope Side: 2" receptacle

♦ Auxiliary thread on the telescope side: 2" filter thread (M48x0.75) and T2 internal thread (M42x0.75)

♦ Eyepiece side connection: 1.25" barrel with compression ring

♦ Optically effective total length: only 1 mm

♦ Allen key for clamping is included in delivery

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

2" to 1.25" TS-Optics short adapter with many auxiliary threads

This adapter is a real problem solver if you don't have enough space behind the focuser. Where normal 1.25" adapters need 10-15mm clearance, the TS2-1S only needs 1mm. The 2" barrel almost completely disappears into the focuser.

How is the 1.25" eyepiece or adapter attached?

A hexagon socket screw presses the compression ring. It is used to hold the eyepiece or the connection adapter. You can then fit both into the 2" socket. The correct key is included in the scope of delivery.

Additionally, the adapter offers three more clamps at the bottom. This results in extremely precise clamping, exactly parallel to the optical axis. The clamping precision is superior to that of conventional ring clamps. This precise clamping is very useful, especially when collimating Newtonian telescopes with an alignment laser.

Attachment of auxiliary threads on the telescope side:

The TS2-1S also offers two internal threads on the bottom:

♦ 2" Filter Thread (M48x0.75) Internal Thread - you can use this to integrate 2" filters or you can connect the adapter to M48x0.75 fittings.

♦ T2 Thread (M42x0.75) Internal thread - this thread allows connection to T2 adaptations. The adapter is also a transition from T2 to 1.25".

Connection at telescope side: 2" barrel with M48x0.75 and T2 thread (female)
Connection at eyepiece side: 1.25" receptacle with compression ring
Optical path: 1 mm
Mechanical length: 31 mm

♦ TS adapter from 2" to 1.25"
♦ Hex key

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