Variable TS T2 and 1.25" extension + helical focuser

TS Optics 1.25" helical focuser with 1.25" connection on telescope side and T2 connection - also 1.25" variable extension tube

♦ For precise focus in lunar and planetary photography and observation

♦ Telescope side connection: 1.25" and T2 (M42x0.75)

♦ Focus simply by turning the barrel, a rubber ring makes it easy to adjust

♦ Eyepiece or camera mount with clamping ring for secure hold

♦ Can also be used as a variable T2 extension

♦ Adjustment range: 16mm

♦ Shortest distance of 1.25" or T2: 45 mm

♦ Longest Distance 1.25" or T2: 61mm


TS Optics 1.25" Helical Focuser and Variable Extension Tube

With the TSFOCH1 we offer you a highly flexible adapter. Adjustment and focus is done simply by turning the barrel. Thanks to the rubber armor, you always have a good grip.

One part - three applications!

♦ 1.25" Variable Extension with Fine Focus - The TSFOCH1 can be used simply as a 1.25" variable extension. The adjustable height is from 45mm to 61mm. Due to the sensitive rotation, very precise focusing is possible, ideal for all telescopes with a primary mirror focus, such as Schmidt-Cassegrains.

♦ Variable Fine Focus T2 Extension: Simply insert the 1.25" connection adapter into the barrel with compression ring and the 1.25" extension becomes a T2 extension with M42x0.75 internal thread on the side of the telescope and the corresponding T2 male thread on camera side.

♦ 1.25" and T2 helical focuser for self-build telescopes: also a possible application for all astronomers who want to build a small telescope themselves. It simply attaches to the tube using the T2 thread or 1.25" socket

Connection at telescope side: T2 (M42x0.75) and 1.25"
Connection at eyepiece side: 1.25" receptacle
Shortest length: 45 mm
Longest length: 61 mm
Range: 16 mm
Adjustment principle: Helical adjustment - eyepiece or camera turns as well
Complete weight: 94 g
Weight without 1.25" barrel: 69 g
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