OTA Sky-Watcher 80ED Black Diamond Double Speed ​​DS Refractor Telescope (80/600)

OTA Sky-Watcher 80ED Black Diamond Double Speed ​​DS Refractor Telescope (80/600)

Sky-Watcher 80ED f / 7.5 refractor optical tube

Ideal for wide field deep sky photography or as a second instrument

Focused Crayford Dual Speed ​​with 10: 1 reduction

Comes with rings and dovetail

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All about the Sky-Watcher Black Diamond 80ED telescope

Sky-Watcher renewed its range of instruments a few years ago by modifying the design and some mechanical elements. The series called Black Diamond, includes Dobsons, Refractors, Newton and Maksutov. As for the telescopes, the "classic" diameters are maintained: 80, 100 and 120 mm, except for a change in color (black with white inlays). Only the 50.8mm Crayford focuser has been changed. The renowned optical quality of the 80ED Sky-Watcher offers everyone the ability to purchase a powerful instrument at a very attractive price for wide field astrophotography or planetary and solar observation.

To obtain the valuable "APO" qualifier, a refractor must correct for primary and secondary chromatic aberrations inherent in all systems whose light rays pass through an optical element. In the case of the Sky-Watcher Black Diamond 80ED, a doublet composed of an ED glass element reduces chromatism to significantly limit the appearance of colored edges on the planets or the Moon. The ED glass chosen, FPL-53 (Schott), is the most capable of correcting these defects thanks to a very low dispersion

The use of multilayer treatments on all surfaces considerably limits losses due to lens passage, making Black Diamond 80ED brighter and more contrasting than conventional refractors that are less corrected. The "Metallic High-Transmission" (MHC) treatment is applied to the air glass surfaces, which guarantees impressive results (transmission close to 99.5%). Thanks to its very short focal length ratio, f / 7.5, the Sky-Watcher Black Diamond 80ED is particularly interesting for deep-sky photography .. In combination, for example, with a large-format digital camera (corrector / reducer), point the telescope towards large nebulae such as Orion, the Lagoon or the famous Andromeda galaxy

10: 1 double speed focuser

Focusing is achieved through a 2 "(aluminum) Crayford focuser with a fine focus knob with 10: 1 reduction ratio, which provides the necessary force and precision when focusing. An adjusting screw maintains the focus depending on the optical orientation of the tube to be aligned with the objects and provide good results in astrophotography (where focus is essential).

To meet the requirements of amateur astronomers, the optical tube is made entirely of steel. Plastic parts are not used! The solidity is and the aesthetics are in tune. The interior is blackened and manufactured to limit stray light intrusion.. A Kodak through screw is placed over one of the clamps to parallel adapt a camera.

Specifications TUBE

Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor ED

Optical diameter 80 mm

Focal length 600 mm

F / F / 7.5 ratio

Maximum magnification 160x

Magnitude 12.2

Focuser diameter 2 "dual speed, crayford

Tube weight 2.47 kg

Tube dimensions 10 cm x 62 cm

Shipping weight 8 kg

Shipping Dimensions 68 x 33 x 23 cm3 

Items delivered

1 Sky-Watcher black Diamond ED optical tube

2 rings

1 Vixen-type dovetail

1 Kodak camera overlay bracket on top of one of the mounting rings

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