OTA Sky-Watcher 150/750 Black Diamond Parabolic Telescope with Dual Speed ​​Focuser

OTA Sky-Watcher 150/750 Black Diamond Parabolic Telescope with Dual Speed ​​Focuser

Perfect instrument for beginners and advanced very versatile

Versatile for planetary and deep sky astrophotography

Ideal for visual initiates in planetarium and deep sky

Includes 10: 1 dual speed Crayford focuser (best focus setting)

Parabolic primary mirror

Recíbelo en 8/10 días Laborales


All about the Newton Sky-Watcher 150mm f / 5

With a 150mm primary mirror of parabolic construction, the Sky-Watcher Newton 150 collects 73% more light than a 114mm telescope. Under a very dark sky it is possible to see many objects in the sky that are barely visible on instruments of smaller diameter. It promises beginners many discoveries. In planetary observation, you will reveal many details about Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon using a Barlow lens or a short focal length eyepiece.

Its Newton design offers several advantages over other families of instruments (refractors and retro-reflectors). Mirror manufacturing is cheaper for the same diameter and its medium focal length (750mm) is very versatile. You will also benefit from an attractive budget with a bright telescope that provides a diverse field of observations. The central obstruction is also lower than Cassegrain-type telescopes.

Unlike the cheaper manufacturers or small diameter Newtons, the 150, 200, 254 and 300mm Newton Sky-Watchers have a parabolic primary mirror. The mirrors are spherically polished and then re-cut to a paraboloidal shape (more expensive and difficult to obtain). It is an essential choice criterion for instruments above 130mm and short focal ratio.

Focus is obtained through a Crayford double speed eyepiece holder. Allows you to get a fine focus thanks to the 1:10 ratio. A very noticeable advantage during high magnification observations and imaging. Allows to support heavy loads (ex: APN). A 31.75mm adapter is supplied as standard to use eyepieces of the same format from the 50.8mm exit. An adjustment screw located at the bottom of the eyepiece holder maintains focus according to the orientation of the optical tube.

To present the least possible obstruction, the secondary (flat) mirror fixation bracket has 4 thin branches, 0.5 mm wide. Rigid enough, they thus limit diffraction peaks in bright stars and excessive loss of luminosity. Also standard is a 9x50 achromatic finder on its mount, as well as a 28mm (55 °) LET eyepiece for low-magnification (wide field) observations. Complete with a short focal length eyepiece for planetary observations at high magnification.


Optical Design Parabolic Newtonian Reflector 

Optical Diameter 150mm 

Focal Length 750mm 

F/Ratio f/5 

Highest Practical Power 300x 

Faintest Steller Magnitude 13 

Finder Scope 6x30* 

Focuser Diameter 2" dual speed, crayford 

Eyepieces 2"-28mm 

Tube Weight 6 kg 

Tube Dimensions 182mm x 690mm 

Shipping Weight 10 kgs 

Shipping Dimensions 80x39x34 cm3 

Items delivered

1 Sky-Watcher 150mm f / 5 optical tube

1 x Crayford Sky-Watcher 50.8mm focuser with micro focuser (1:10 dual speed) and 31.75mm adapter

1 dovetail type Vixen 21cm

2 clamps

1 male Vixen dovetail

1 Kodak camera overlay bracket on top of one of the mounting clips

1 x 50.8mm sliding eyepiece: LET 28mm

1 straight 6x30 finder scope

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