OTA Sky-Watcher 120/1000 Refractor Telescope

OTA Sky-Watcher 120/1000 Refractor Telescope

120mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope for Visual Observation

Large diameter for beautiful detailed observations

Versatile deep space and planetary

Supplied with rings, dovetail, diagonal and 28mm LET eyepiece

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All about the Sky-Watcher 120/1000 telescope

Sky-Watcher 120/1000 achromatic refractor of 120mm diameter is one of the most versatile large diameter refractors that also allow observing the deep sky. In fact, its 120mm lens picks up 44% more brightness compared to a 100mm telescope. With no central obstruction unlike a catadioptric or newton telescope, this 120mm telescope collects almost as much light as a 130mm Newton. Its 1000mm focal length gives it an intermediate aperture ratio of (f / 8.33) that is noticeable in both planetary observation and stellar photography. In visual observation, take a tour of the most beautiful Messier objects and discover the brightest nebulae, galaxies and globular clusters.

The optic is made up of two air-spaced achromatic elements that correct much of the chromaticity. The use of multilayer coatings on the lenses increases light transmission compared to competitive models. The optical system of refracting telescopes does not have a secondary mirror, guaranteeing greater contrast than telescopes of equivalent diameter. Ultra-compact and portable, the 120/1000 is very interesting for deep space astronomy and for terrestrial and planetary observation.

Focusing is achieved through a very robust and reliable rack and pinion focuser. A 31.75mm adapter is supplied as standard to use eyepieces of the same format. An adjustment screw located at the top of the eyepiece holder maintains focus based on the orientation of the telescope. The barrel is collimated at the factory and requires no maintenance unlike other telescope optics. In the first collar, a Kodak screw can be used to accommodate a parallel camera.

Items delivered

1 Sky-Watcher 120/1000 telescope

2 rings

1 Vixen-type dovetail

1 Sky-Watcher eyepiece 50.8 mm (2 ") LET 28 mm

1 finder scope 9x50

1 diagonal 50.8 mm

1 Kodak-style camera bracket on top of one of the mounting rings

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