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Sky-Watcher Mak 90/1250 Telescope with StarQuest Mount

Sky-Watcher Mak 90/1250 Telescope with StarQuest Mount

Quality optics. Sharp, clean and contrasted image

Ideal on the planets (Jupiter, Saturn) and the Moon

Easy to transport, light and compact

New Equatorial Star Quest mount

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All about the Maksutov Sky-Watcher 90 mm

This is the smallest model in the Maksutov-Cassegrain range offered by Sky-Watcher, the Mak90 is very compact, lightweight and portable. Made up of a primary mirror mirror, associated with the secondary mirror and with a concave meniscus treated with multilayer coatings, it gives surprising results in planetarium. The observation of Saturn, Jupiter or the Moon is very pleasant. Completed by eyepieces with long focal lengths, observing the brightest deep sky objects such as the Great Orion Nebula (M42) or the Clusters of Hercules (M13) will satisfy the curious beginner.

The Star Quest equatorial mount offers great stability with the Mak90 even at high magnification, as well as good robustness for a beginner instrument. It also allows a precise positioning in the sky thanks to the hoses present on each axis. Derived from the Star Adventurer travel mount, it uses its design, the clamping system on each axis and the quality of tracking.

The male dovetail under the optical tube fits over the female dovetail of the mount. The equatorial mode design allows after installation (simple adjustment of the orientation of the mount towards the pole star) to compensate for the rotation not in two axes (altazimuth mount) but only in one. The Mak90's portability and versatility will make it an ideal instrument for the nomadic astronomer also tempted by terrestrial observation. Landscapes, animals, birds or architectural details will be the main targets. The set is compact, lightweight and easily transportable for those who want to observe under the best skies, quickly install their equipment on their balcony / table or take their telescope on travel or vacation.

Items Included

1 Black diamond Mak90 SkyWatcher

1 Star Quest equatorial mount

1 aluminum tripod adjustable in height (71cm to 123cm)

2 x 31.75mm eyepieces: Super 10mm and Super 25mm

1 diagonal 31.75 mm

1 red pointer

User manual

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