TS-Optics Vixen-Level dovetail bar - length 530 mm, with wide mount

The dovetail bar offers a 70mm wide flat contact surface and radii with holes for Celestron and Meade SC, EHD and ACF telescopes up to 11" aperture.

♦ Length 530 mm - enough space to tare telescopes

♦ With radio and holes for Celestron C8, C9.25, C11  telescopes as EHD 

♦ Includes screws and keys for Celestron telescopes

♦ Extra light and stable thanks to profile construction

♦ Suitable for all Vixen style quick release mounts

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Dovetail bar V-(Vixen)-Level - length 530 mm

The dovetail bar allows scopes to be attached to mounts with Vixen-style quick-release couplings. Among other things, the splint fits:

♦ Skywatcher: EQ3, EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5

♦ Celestron: Advanced VX

♦ Bresser Messier EXOS

♦ and many more mounts

The dovetail bar can also be used to attach accessories to the telescope. It can be piggyback mounted on pipe clamps or attached directly to pipes. Any accessory, such as a camera mount that can be mounted to a chair or a guide scope, can be attached via a Vixen-style dovetail clamp.

TSPSV530 Dovetail Bar Features:

♦ The prism rail is made of aluminum profile. Thanks to this design, the weight can be reduced by approximately 60% compared to a full profile rail with comparable stability, low vibration and stiffness.

♦ The dovetail bar has support for flat surfaces, such as the bottom edge of pipe rings. Width is 70mm, more than most dovetail bars offer. Also, the rail has different radii for telescopes from 6" to 11" aperture. Thus, the rail can be mounted directly on the tubes and sits comfortably.

♦ The dovetail bar is designed to hold Celestron telescopes (C8, C9.25, C11 and EHD-800, EHD-925, EHD-1100) . Matching holes are available. The correct screws for the Celestron are even included.

♦ Internal threads and holes are available for almost all adaptations. In addition to the holes for Celestron SC, you can connect almost any fitting to the rail using elongated holes and 1/4" internal threads.

The TSPSV530 dovetail bar as a base for accessories on the telescope

Astrophotographers, in particular, like to attach accessories such as small guide scopes, sets of running weights, or telescope-attachable camera mounts. Simply mount the lightweight dovetail bar to the telescope and you can easily attach accessories with a matching dovetail clamp. Matching clamps are linked in the accessories area.


Dovetail bar: V / Vixen Level
Length: 530 mm
Width at the top side: 70 mm
Effective height: 22 mm
Maximum width at the bottom side: 43,5 mm
Bores: suitable for Celestron  and 1/4" female threads
Screws: 2 pc. 5/32" x 32 TPI and 2 pc. 3/16" x 24 TPI

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