TS-Optics Premium Losmandy Style Dovetail Optics and Seat Clamp

With TS Optics' TSPKL8 Dovetail Clamp, you can attach your telescope to heavy mounts or accessories to Losmandy-style dovetail bars.

♦ Securely and reliably holds all 3" Losmandy style dovetail bars

♦ Particularly high load capacity of up to approx. 30 kg

♦ Flat clamp - protects accessories and ensures a very stable clamping

♦ All-aluminum dovetail clamp with solid, twist-free construction

♦ 7 countersunk holes allow fixing to almost any surface

♦ Dimensions: length 80 mm - width 118 mm (without screws) - width with screws 153 mm

♦ Weight: only 320 grams with maximum stability

♦ Protection against excessive loosening of clamping screws

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

TS Optics Premium Dovetail Clamp for Losmandy Style Dovetail Bars

With this quick coupling, you can securely attach your short telescope to the mounts. Due to the flat clamping, a high clamping force is achieved and unsightly pressure points on the dovetail bar are also avoided.

The short dovetail clamp is also particularly suitable for building double fittings. The clamp can be easily attached to dovetail bars thanks to the flat contact surface and countersunk holes.

A secure and precise hold even for heavy accessories

With the TSPKL8 you can also attach heavy accessories parallel to the main telescope. The clamp, which is only 80mm long, fits, for example, on the same prism rail with which the telescope is attached to the mount, and can, for example, adapt a ball head to the prism clamp and, therefore also operate with a telephoto lens. Lenses parallel to the telescope.

Despite the tight clamping, unsightly nicks are avoided

A generously sized surface presses the dovetail bar against the other end of the clamp. The pressure is not concentrated in one point, but in a larger area with a width of 29mm. This has a positive effect on the load capacity. In addition, unsightly pressure points are reliably avoided.

Extremely flexible thanks to 7 countersunk holes

The dovetail clamp is extremely flexible thanks to the 7 countersunk holes. You can attach the clamp to your mount and equip it with a Losmandy style quick release coupling. Or you can attach tube rings or a camera mount to the clamp base, allowing you to use heavy accessories along with your telescope.


Suitable for: Losmandy level 3" dovetail bars
Dimensions: length 80 mm - width 118 mm (without screws) - width with screws 153 mm
Load capacity: approx. 30 kg
Weight: only 320 grams
M8 bores: two M8 bores - distance 35 mm (middle to middle)
M6 and 1/4" bores: five M6 bores in different distances lengthwise and crosswise to the middle

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