TS-Optics base for Newtonian focusers for tubes from 285mm diameter

The base allows the stable fixation of suitable focusers to the Newtonian tube.

♦ Suitable for all Newtonian focusers with a 76-78mm dovetail ring, such as the Crayford TSFOCN2 and TSFOCN2M Newtonian focusers.

♦ Ideal for tubes with a diameter of about 300mm, can be used for tubes with a diameter of 285mm or more.

♦ The base can also be mounted on flat supporting surfaces.

♦ Dimension: 90x90mm

♦ Thickness: 7mm at the thinnest point

♦ Fixation of the focusers with 2 grub screws M4

♦ Spacing of the holes for fixing to the tube: 70 mm along and 73 mm along the tube

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Base for Newtonian focusers suitable for Newtonian telescopes from 10" to 16"

The base provides a flat surface for secure attachment of focusers to Newtonian telescope tubes. The focuser is fixed with two M4 grub screws. The flat contact surface also offers individual mounting options. The base can also be mounted on flat surfaces.


Funktion: Basis für Okularauszüge an Newton Teleskopen
Material: Aluminium schwarz eloxiert
Krümmung an der Tubusseite: verwendbar ab 285mm Tubus Durchmesser
Durchmesser der Öffnung: 78 mm
Abmessungen: 90x90x7 mm
Bohrungen zur Befestigung am Tubus: 70mm längs und 73mm quer zum Tubus

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