TS-Optics base for Newtonian focusers for tubes with a diameter of 190-240 mm

The base allows the stable fixation of suitable focusers to the Newtonian tube.

♦ Suitable for all Newtonian focusers with a 76-78mm dovetail ring, such as the Crayford TSFOCN2 and TSFOCN2M Newtonian focusers.

♦ Ideal for 230mm diameter pipes, usable for 190mm to 240mm diameter pipes.

♦ Dimension: 90x90mm

♦ Thickness: 7mm at the thinnest point

♦ Fixation of the focusers with 2 grub screws M4

♦ Spacing of the holes for fixing to the tube: 70 mm along and 73 mm along the tube

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

Base for Newtonian focusers suitable for 8" Newtonian telescopes

The base provides a flat surface for secure attachment of focusers to Newtonian telescope tubes. The focuser is fixed with two M4 grub screws. The flat contact surface also offers individual mounting options.


Material: Aluminium black anodized
Fits following tubes: 190-240mm diameter
Diameter of the middle hole: 78 mm
Dimension: 90x90x7 mm
Distances of the holes for screws attaching the base to the tube: 70mm parallel to the tube, 73mm sideways

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