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TS-Optics Newtonian base for UNCN3M82 3" focuser - for 225-245 mm diameter tubes

Newtonian base for 3" UNCN3 V-Power Newtonian focuser with removable spacer and collimation option

♦ CNC base for Newton tubes with an outer diameter of 225-245 mm

♦ Wide contact surface 130x130 mm on the tube

♦ The contact surface optimally adapts to the curvature of the tube due to the stepped design, tilting is not possible.

♦ The base is attached to the tube with 4 screws, the base can be slightly tilted using 4 counterscrews (tilt)

♦ The base increases 25 mm with the extension. this prevents the UNCN3M82 extraction tube from protruding into the tube.

♦ Intermediate thread for the extension on the Bais is M100x1

♦ Focuser connection via a 96.6mm diameter dovetail ring (male), ideal for UNCN3M82 focuser

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Base for Newton tubes and focuser UNCN3M82

The V-Power focuser is ideal for screwing large correctors with great stability and precision. Of course, the base must also meet these requirements. We manufacture the base for this extension in Germany and thus guarantee a good quality. The combination is also often installed on our ONTC Newtonian telescopes.


Newtonian base: suitable for UNCN3M82 focusers
Curvature: suitable for Newton tubes from 225-245 mm outer diameter
Diameter of the male ring: 96.6 mm
Height of base: 25 mm with extension
Intermediate thread: M100x1

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