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Omegon USB RCA cable for heating tapes

USB to Cinch/RCA cable for Omegon heating tapes

This USB to Cinch/RCA cable provides your heating tape with the necessary power to prevent it from spraying on your optics. If you don't want to use an adjustable controller and just want to heat one element, this cable is just what you need.

Caution: Please do not use the cable with a PC, only with a power bank! Only for heating tapes up to 40 cm in length.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

13 cm connection cable for Omegon heating tapes

Ideal if you don't have an adjustable controller

Extreme space savings in the eyepiece case

For smartphone power banks with 5 volts

The cable is so small that it fits even in the smallest eyepiece case. It's there when you need it most. One end features a cinch connector that is compatible with Omegon's heating tape cable.

The other end is a USB port - plug it into a standard power bank like those sold for smartphones.



Fuente de alimentación 5
Longitud de cable (m) 0,13
Tensión de salida 12

En general

Longitud (cm) 13
Peso (g) 20

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