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Omegon control for spray belt heaters

Clear vision all night: control for two dew shields or heating bands

New Omegon control to operate two heated spray shields or heating jackets.

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The advantages at a glance:

Only get as much power as you want - pulse width modulation technology to regulate power

Waterproof controller for two dew caps or heating sleeves

1.5 meter cable with cigarette lighter connection. Suitable for all energy deposits.

Two connections for a clear view

With this dew cap heater you can control up to two dew caps or heating strips at the same time. An advantage if you not only want to keep your Schmidt plate free from dew, but also your eyepiece. What you connect is, of course, up to you.

Tip: Look for "dew protection" in the accessories, dew caps and straps with a cinch connection will fit.

power control knob

Our product development has equipped this control with additional technology. This allows continuous and efficient power regulation so that even long nights are no longer a problem. With a rotary button, the power can be regulated as you need. A red LED indicates if the channels are powered.

Waterproof box for every astronomical use

The small case is waterproof, so dewy grass or air humidity cannot affect its functionality, and it also has an additional electronic fuse. The controller comes with a 1.5 meter cable that has a cigarette lighter plug.

Our expert comment:

The output connectors of this box are of the cinch type. This is the same type of connector used on Astrozap, AST Optics and Lunatico brand spray shields.



Tensión de salida 0 - 12
Tensión de entrada 12
Longitud de cable (m) 1,5

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