Omegon Secondary Mirror Heater Band, Small

Heat tape for secondary mirrors - this keeps the view of the sky clear

Despite a cloudless sky, sometimes there is something invisible lurking in the room: high humidity. So the optics of the telescope start up faster than we would like. If a thin, haze-like layer is deposited on your secondary mirror, the observation is over. However, with Omegon heating tape you can keep dew at bay. Because the heating element always guarantees a free look. Enjoy clear nights from now on regardless of dew.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

From now on, your secondary mirror will no longer be closed

Easy adjustment: flexible band for a perfect fit

Velcro: Adheres to any point on the top of the heating tape.

Cinch/RCA connector with 2 meter cable

Heating collar in two different sizes (12 cm or 14 cm) for small and large secondary mirrors

Keeps your optics free from fogging

Simply connect the cable with a Chinch/RCA plug to a suitable power source. A 12 V direct current distributes power evenly over the belt with only 0.2 watts per centimeter. This means for you: your heating tape effectively maintains the temperature a few degrees above the outside temperature. The dew no longer stands a chance. Plus, it uses minimal power, so it doesn't harm your battery.

The heating tape can be connected to a pulse controller and thus operate in an energy-saving manner. Tip: We recommend the Omegon control for dew cap heating as an accessory. This allows you to connect up to two heating tapes at the same time and configure the output individually.

Why do your optics fog up?

Everyone who wears glasses knows exactly what effects dew has on an optical surface. Step out of the cold into a warm room. Suddenly, a fine mist of fine water droplets settles on the glasses because hot air condenses on the cold surfaces of the glass. Exactly the same thing happens in the optics of your telescope. When the optic cools down, condensed water settles on the surface. Time for a free look!

Omegon heating tapes give you more viewing pleasure for longer. If other stargazers are already packing up their telescopes, watch as long as you like.



Potencia calorífica 2,2
Amperaje (A) 0,18
Fuente de alimentación 12
Longitud de cable (m) 2

En general

Longitud (cm) 12
Peso (g) 100
Altura (cm) 8

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