Omegon Polar Wedge with 55mm Dovetail Bar

More beautiful astronomical photographs with polar wedge and your travel mount

Astrophotography that inspires you: Taking photos is even easier with the Omegon Mini Polar Wedge and a small travel photo mount. The stable mounting and the height of the pole precisely adjustable via a scale make the alignment more precise and your photo better.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

The polar wedge for better and more precise astronomical photos

Suitable for all mini photo carriers: e.g. MiniTrack, Skytracker, Polarie

Made of aluminum - gives you many years of pleasure and a stable base for your mount

Built-in bubble level so you can better align your tripod

Tilt angle -35 to 60°: take photos in many places around the world, here or on vacation

Vixen style prism mount with screw

AZ adjustment: fine adjustment in azimuth for precise polar adjustment

Incl. prism rail

Load capacity 5kg

Best astronomical photos

What makes up the bulk of capturing accurate and impressive astrophotos?

The simple answer: a well-aligned mount.

You probably know this misery: you put your mount on the tripod and try to align it freehand with a regular ball head. It is not an easy task. Especially when it's dark and maybe cold.

Make it easy on yourself and just rule out the biggest source of error. The polar wedge adjusts the polar height and azimuth angle with the same precision as with a large telescope. This gives you the precision you need.

configuration from A to Z

Two screws are used for exact azimuth adjustment. Especially when you have almost reached the Pole, but there is only a short way to go in the right direction. After adjustment, you can fix the polar wedge.

Tilt Angle -35 to 60°

At home or on the go: with the polar wedge for MiniTrack and other travel mounts you are well prepared for travel. Iceland or, rather, Namibia: wherever your path takes you, you will be able to take excellent astronomical photographs in many places.

Adjust between -35. and 60° latitude possible

Easy to use lever for fixing


Exactly straight installation is important for polar alignment. It's good when it's really easy: With the spirit level of the polar wedge.

Vixen Style Dovetail Bar Mount

So that you can fit almost any small mount on the polar wedge, it was fitted with a "Vixen-style mount" which is common in astronomy. This quick clamp offers the advantage of fast and comfortable positioning of your device.


The polar wedge is made of metal and provides a stable base for your mini mount. Don't bother with tripod heads that weren't designed for astronomy or are even made of plastic. With this polar wedge, you transform your tripod and its mini mount into a true astronomical workhorse, reliable for many years. Now all you have to do is level up and start doing astrophotography.

scope of delivery:

- polar wedge

- dovetail bar

Tags: MiniTrack, MiniTrack, LX2, LX3, LX4, LX Quattro



Ajuste de altura de polo (°) -35 - 60
Caballete de montura Vixen-Style

En general

Peso (g) 500
Tipo accesorios de montura
Tipo de construcción Cuña ecuatorial
Color negro

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