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Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge

Deluxe Wedge for Omegon MiniTrack

Now it's even easier to take beautiful astronomical nightscape photos with the deluxe polar wedge. CNC-made components give your camera the necessary stability. This allows you to reliably locate your Astrotracker in just a few minutes.

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Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Deluxe wedge for better aligned and tracked astrophotos

Suitable for MiniTrack and other astronomical trackers

Exact adjustment of the pole: particularly smooth and fine movement in four directions

3/8-inch thread - fits on any photo tripod (without head)

Post height adjustment 10 - 60 degrees

Bubble level for level tripod positioning, even outdoors

Easy to read, even at night: laser-engraved height scale

CNC components – look great and last forever for years of enjoyment from your astrophotography

made in portuguese

Why the best astrophotos succeed with this polar wedge

What is the difference with a normal tripod head? If you want to take pictures of the starry sky with a mini mount, then you probably know this question. You can also align a tripod head with the North Star, but it wasn't invented for this purpose. Offers free movement in many directions; however, the alignment is still imprecise and you need to know exactly how your tripod head behaves in order to shoot successfully with it.

A polar wedge makes it easier for you! Like a big telescope, it helps you to align your camera with the north celestial pole exactly, to the degree and at any time so that you can understand it. This allows you to achieve better tracking shots or successful use of telephoto lenses.

Best fit for height and AZ

Do not leave anything to chance at night: especially in the dark, it is important that everything works smoothly and immediately. Height and AZ adjustments are smooth as butter - this makes it easy to adjust the height and width as needed with the stainless steel screws.

exact spirit level

A spirit level you can trust. Discreetly incorporated and adjusted to the polar wedge, you will find an exactly horizontal position for your tripod.

Firm hold for any Vixen style rail

A flat side clamp keeps your tracker or mini mount stable in position. The Good: Where other models only provide a single screw hold, the Deluxe Polar Wedge offers a strong but very soft hold.

Thin and tall: 10 to 60 degrees

We have placed great value on a very slim build. Despite the attached Astrotracker, the screws remain freely accessible.

CNC machined product from Portugal

Made from CNC machined components, the Polar Wedge doesn't just look great, it's cool too. We make them in small batches in our production in Portugal. Thanks to the particularly refined surface, the polar wedge is robust and will accompany you for many years on all paths of astrophotography.

Just put it on and start

Assemble, align and get started – it's that easy with the Deluxe Polar Wedge. Its north orientation remains stable throughout the night.



Ajuste de altura de polo (°) 10 - 60
Caballete de montura Vixen-Style
Conexión (extremo opuesto)  3/8

En general

Peso (g) 670
Tipo accesorios de montura
Tipo de construcción Cuña ecuatorial
Color negro

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