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Omegon Dual Dovetail Clamp (Losmandy and Vixen style)

Omegon Losmandy & Vixen style dovetail clamp for the ultimate strong hold

On mount heads, as a double mount or on the counterweight side. The Omegon Saddle is suitable where it is important to hold your telescope firmly. The seat plate accepts all standard Losmandy or Vixen 3" dovetail bars.

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The advantages at a glance:

Seat plate for Losmandy and Vixen dovetail bars

Easy mounting: quick coupling for telescopes

Flat Hold - Gives the telescope a strong hold and leaves no indentation in the rail

Holes with two slots

From Vixen to Losmandy - suitable for all dovetail bars

There are two standards in telescope technology: Vixen and Losmandy. The dimensions of the rails used by almost all manufacturers today can be traced back to these two brands. A great relief for telescope owners. If you mount a spotting scope in the future, it will definitely fit the Omegon saddle. Because thanks to its ingenious construction, it adapts to both formats.

Flat clamping with high load capacity

The flat clamp offers a strong hold, even with heavy instruments. This system is clearly superior to point clamping. A plus: the dovetail bar looks flawless even with frequent mounting and the value of your telescope is maintained.

quick coupling

Quickly attach and detach the telescope. This is an advantage modern mounts should have. This is exactly what you can achieve with the Omegon saddle: no screws: just insert your spotting scope into the profile and then clamp the central clamping block with a quick twist. This is possible even at night and with gloves.


The dovetail clamp has a length of 20 centimeters. There are three holes at each end and two slots in the middle. Mounting on your mount's head is wonderfully successful.



Material Aluminio
Peso (g) 780

En general

Color negro
Longitud (cm) 20
Tipo de construcción Losmandy & Vixen
Tipo Fijación para barra prismática 

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