Omegon EQ-500X mount

Up to 10 kg of weight. But not the one in the gym.

A new mount for his telescope? Change, get on or even get on for the first time. The Omegon EQ-500 X is a strong mount and can handle small to medium sized telescope tubes with an aperture of up to around 200mm and a weight of 10kg. The simple structure and pleasant operation allow you to quickly start the next night of observation.

Entrega entre 7 y 9 días laborables

The advantages at a glance:

Stable equatorial mount for smooth, low-vibration observations with small and medium-sized telescopes

Simply navigate in any desired direction with the manual fine drives. Perfect for visual observation.

Ball bearing axes for smoother, more precise movement towards your target

Stable tripod: made of stainless steel, for a firm support of your telescope

Adjustment rings with a scale so you can find any item you want using your Sternalas

Manual equatorial mount: follow objects

The equatorial design makes it easy to track objects that would otherwise fly out of your field of view. Simply turn the axis R.A. with convenient fine motion and keep the planet or nebula in the field of view naturally and at any magnification. Astronomical night brings joy not only to you, but to your whole family.

Stronger mount: how a profession offers more joy

How long does your old mount need until it swings and shows you a stable image? The fact is that many mounts are too weak for their optical tubes. It's almost like an astro joy killer virus that you can successfully combat with this mount. Your average refractor or reflector telescope is now much more stable and benefits from better mechanics to enjoy observations.

Ball bearing spindles for smooth movements

Everything runs like clockwork here: The EQ-500 X stand is equipped with ball bearings on both axes. Movement on the axes is much smoother, for more precise positioning without jerking, even at high magnifications.

stable tripod

The height adjustable tripod made of stainless steel is much more stable than other aluminum tripods. The sturdy spreader plate also serves as a secure place to store seven 1.25" eyepieces and two 2" eyepieces, so your accessories are within easy reach at night.

Partial circles to find objects by coordinates

Sometimes you can use help, especially when you want to find a weak object. With a star atlas and snap rings, you can also set your targets using astronomical coordinates.

Optional polar finder

If you wish, simply equip your new mount with an optional polar finder.



Denominación EQ-500 X
Carga adicional máxima (kg)  10
Caballete de montura Vixen-Style
Peso de la montura (kg) 4,2
Contrapeso(s)  2 (@ 2,5 kg)
Diámetro de la barra contrapeso (mm) 20
Ajuste de altura de polo (°) 5 - 60°


Escala de altura de polo 


Trípode Trípode
Placa para accesorios
Buscador de polo no


Altura máxima de trípode (cm) 102
Altura mínima de trípode (cm) 61
Peso de trípode (kg) 7
Material del trípode Stahl
Diámetro de las patas del trípode (mm) 45

En general

Color blanco
Peso total (kg) 17
Serie Pro 
Tipo Montura
Tipo de construcción ecuatorial


Apto para fines fotográficos -
Para uso visual

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