TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x full frame flattener with M63x1 connection

This flattener corrects the image field of ED and APO refractors from a focal length of 500mm for astrophotography without changing the focal length.

♦ Telescope side connection: External thread M63x1

♦ Camera side connection: external thread M48x0.75 and internal thread M63x1

♦ Working distances: 55 mm from the external thread M48x0.75 and 73 mm (if the extension M63 is omitted) with focal lengths from 700 mm

♦ Maximum working distance from internal thread M63x1: 85 mm - enough space for almost all adaptations

♦ M48x0.75 filter thread to use 2" nebula filters on camera adapter

♦ The corrector does not change the focal length - factor 1.0

♦ The position of the focal plane of the refractor does not change.

♦ Fully illuminated and corrected field of view: 45mm full format.

♦ The corrector is also suitable for RC telescopes from Astro Tech, TS-Optics, GSO, etc.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS PHOTOLINE 1.0x field corrector for APO and ED refractor telescopes

This corrector is suitable for refractors with a focal length of 500mm or more. Among other things, it works very well with PHOTOLINE apos and 3" aperture ED refractors from TS-Optics. The corrector offers 100% illumination and corrector up to 45mm diameter (image circle) and is therefore can use very well where cameras with full frame sensors are used.


The connection to the telescope focuser:

The TSFlat25Del corrector has an external thread M63x1 on the telescope side. Several focusers already have the proper internal thread. For other extensions we offer the appropriate transition adapter.


Attention: The order of adaptation is - from the telescope to the camera:


1. the offset itself - the knurled ring is on the red spacer ring side

2. the red spacer ring

3. the transition adapter to M48


Camera connection:

The TSFLAT25Del offers two ways to connect the camera:

♦ Working distances apply to refractor telescopes with a focal length of 700mm or more. Information on shorter focal lengths can be found below.

♦ There is an internal thread M63x1 directly on the offset. The generous working distance of this thread is 85mm. This gives you plenty of room for accessories like filter wheels, off-axis guides, and much more.

♦ The scope of supply also includes a transition adapter to M48x0.75. The working distance from this thread is exactly 55mm. This is ideal for connecting DSLR cameras (just T-ring + camera) or astro cameras. The adapter makes sense if the camera is to be attached directly to the corrector.


The flattener is suitable for the following telescopes, as well as telescopes with a similar focal length and aperture ratio:

From a focal length of 700mm, the working distance is 55mm from the M48 thread with the M63 extension sleeve.


♦ TS-Optics ED refractors from 700mm focal length

♦ TS-Optics PHOTOLINE Apos from 700mm focal length

♦ All other refractors from a focal length of 700mm

♦ RC telescopes from TS-Optics or Astro Tech with a 10" aperture


♦ Refractors between 600 mm and 700 mm focal length: The working distance increases by 5 mm.


♦ Refractors between 500mm and 600mm focal length:

The working distance increases by 10 mm


♦ For refractors with an even shorter focal length, we recommend other correctors.


Model: TS PhotoLine 1.0 Flattener
Connection at telescope side: M63x1 thread (male)
Connection 1 at camera side: M63x1 thread (female) - working distance 85 mm
Connection 2 at camera side: M48x0.75 thread (male) - working distance 55 mm and 73 mm
Fully illuminated field: 45 mm
Number of elements: 2 lenses
Factor: 1.0 - no change of focal length ot the focal plane
Coating: Multicoating
Diameter of the housing: 69 mm
Length: 70 mm without the male thread
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