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TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x Flattener Gen 2 for APO - large format - M92 connection

The flattener levels the image field of refractors for astrophotography and delivers perfect images even with large sensors.

♦ Telescope side connection: External thread M92x1

♦ Camera side connection: M78x1 inside, M54x0.75 inside and M48x0.75 outside

♦ The working distance from the M48x0.75 external thread to the sensor is 55mm for telescopes with a focal length of 900mm or more

♦ The M48 adapter offers a threaded thread for 2" filters (internal thread M48x0.75)

♦ Excellent illumination and field correction up to 60mm diameter (without M48 adapter)

♦ Multi-layer, anti-reflective coating against flare and halos around stars

♦ The focal length of the refractor does not change

♦ Suitable for all refractors with large focusers from 2.5" - connection adapters are optionally available

♦ The offset requires a back focus of at least 145mm from the screw thread

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics 1.0x apo flattener and field corrector Gen 2

Teleskop-Service has revised and improved the legendary 3" flattener. The result is an excellent field corrector for astrophotography with large sensors, such as full-frame cameras. Field errors typical of refractors, such as astigmatism and curvature of field, are optimally corrected.We are not aware of any Flattener in this class with comparable results.


Distance recommendation for the TSFLAT3 flattener:

The corrector is optimized for refractors from a focal length of 900 mm. However, it can also be used in refractors with a shorter focal length. The working distance must then be extended accordingly.


Working distances from the external thread M48x0.75:


♦ Refractors from 900mm focal length: 55mm from M48 thread

♦ 800-900mm focal length refractors: 57mm from M48 thread

♦ 700-800mm focal length refractors: 59mm from M48 thread


The corrector has two additional threads for individual adaptations:


♦ M54x0.75 internal thread: Working distance is increased by 7.5mm, ideal for full frame cameras if you want to avoid the M48x0.75 bottleneck.


♦ Internal thread M78x1: The working distance is increased by 22.5 mm - enough space to install an off axis guide.


Adapting the TSFLAT3 to your telescope:

The corrector requires at least a 2.5" focuser. An external M92x1 thread is available on the side of the telescope. The TSFLAT3 fits directly into the large 3.7" RPA focuser TSFOC37, which is also used for the large Photoline and TSCF apos are equipped.


In the accessories area you will find connection adapters for many common focusers. We are also happy to produce an individual adapter for your withdrawable module. The item number is # Special125.


Single chamber adaptation from internal thread M78x1:

The corrector offers an internal thread M78x1 on the camera side with a large working distance of 77.5mm to the sensor. We offer an adapter for the external thread M68x1. You can design your individual adaptation and adapt accessories such as off-axis guides, filter wheels...


Design: Flattener and field corrector for refractors
Coating: Multi-coating and anti-reflective coating on each glass-air surface
Connection telescope side: M92x1 male thread - length 6.5 mm
Connection camera side: M78x1 female thread, M54x0.75 female thread and M48x0.75 male thread
Overall length of adapter to M48x0.75: 83 mm
Working distance from M78x1 thread: 77.5 mm
Working distance from M48x0.75 thread: 55 mm
Diameter of the corrector: 96 mm
Weight: approx. 400 g
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