TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x flattener full format - M68 connection

The TSFLAT2.5 field corrector corrects the field of view of refracting telescopes and enables astrophotography with large sensors and perfect edge sharpness.

♦ Full illumination and image field correction up to 55mm sensor diameter.

♦ Suitable for all refractors, the prerequisite is a focuser with a diameter of 2.5" or more.

♦ Adaptation on the telescope side by means of a ZEISS level thread M68x1. Adaptations to other connections are available.

♦ Comfortable working distance between 87mm and 106mm, depending on the telescope.

♦ Generous threads and stable housing - also designed to fit heavy cameras.

♦ Clean matte inner blackening and anti-reflective thread - no reflections or ghosting.

♦ Supplied in a plastic shipping container, 8080 twist pack.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics 2.5" PHOTOLINE corrector for apochromats - suitable for large up to large format camera sensors.

With the TSFLAT2, Teleskop-Service has created one of the best universal correctors for astrophotography through apo refractors. The large TSFLAT2.5 offers the same correction, but with much more illumination.


The figure to the left shows the performance of the 2.5" corrector on a 107/700mm apo in combination with a full frame camera. The stars are perfectly round and sharp from center to edge.


The advantages of the TSFLAT2.5 at a glance:


♦ The corrector is screwed onto the focuser.

♦ Wide working distance, suitable for all cameras.

♦ Complete lighting and correction up to large format.

♦ Can be used on all apos with focusers from 2.5".


Adaptation to the refractor:

The TSFLAT2.5 is adapted to the refractor by means of the external thread M68x1. Many refractors already offer this thread, such as:


♦ TS PHOTOLINE APO refractors

♦ APM Apos with 3" and 3.7" focusers

♦ Apos and ED by Long Perng

♦ William's largest apos from a 102mm aperture

♦ Apos CFF


We offer adaptations for other apos and focusers, such as M63x1, Starlight 3" and 3.5" Feather Touch or M74 thread (Skywatcher ESPRIT).


Which refractors can be combined with the TSFLAT2.5:

In principle, all refractors with a focuser from 2.5" can be used. However, the TSFLAT2.5 requires a backfocus of at least 145 mm from the M68 connection. This is the distance from the connecting thread of the focuser to the the focus.Almost all refractors offer this back focus.


The connection of the camera to the TSFLAT2.5:

For best results, the correct distance to the camera sensor is necessary. The distance is measured from the internal thread M69 of the corrector. The internal thread does not count.


♦ Focal length up to 500mm ... 106mm

♦ Focal length 510-600mm...101mm

♦ Focal length 610-700mm...96mm

♦ Focal length 710-800mm...91mm

♦ Focal length 810-950mm...88mm

♦ Focal length 1000mm...87mm


When using filters, an additional 1mm distance must be added to compensate for the path of the filter glass.


We offer different connection adapters for the TSFLAT2.5:


♦ TSVM6910 ... Extension M69 with 10 mm length

♦ TSVM6930 ... Extension M69 with 30 mm length

♦ M69-M48 ... adaptation to M48 with a length of 36.5 mm

♦ M69a-M68a ... adaptation to M68 with a length of 5.3 mm


You can adapt your camera individually with these connection adapters.


With the TSFLAT25A adapter set, we can take care of the complete adaptation for you: we offer you an optimized adapter package at a fixed price. We only need the following information from you:


♦ What connection thread do you have on the telescope side?

♦ What is the distance from the connection thread to the camera sensor? Includes off-axis guide, filter wheel...

♦ What refractor do you use?



Teleskop-Service has created instructions with diagrams and tables. To get them, click onTSFLAT2,5 PDF Germany


Type: Flattener and field corrector for refractors
Coating: Multi-coated on every air-to-glass surface
Telescope side connection: M68x1 ZEISS level thread, male - length 5 mm / M63x1 female thread
Camera side connection: M69x1 thread, female
Working distance from the female M69 thread: 87 mm to 106 mm - depending on focal length
Length of the corrector: 47 mm
Outer diameter of the housing: 63.5 mm (2.5")
Weight: 300 g
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