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Skywatcher Telescope 150/600 F4 Quattro 150P PDS OTA with Coma Corrector 0.85x (F3.45)

The most anticipated model of skywatcher, the 150 P Parabolic Quattro DS Dual Speed


Now all that is missing is the newton reflector astrograph with 0.85x corrector, helical focuser, tilt corrector, rotator on the secondary support, eliminating secondary collimation and reflection problems. to make the RASA sleepless by celestron


The ultimate reflector for astrophotography a Skywatcher quality 150 F4 with radiant mirrors and 0.85x coma corrector that lowers the focal ratio to F3.45 and leaves the focal length at 517!!!!!


Apart from the coma corrector, it includes a 22mm UW Ultra Wide 70º eyepiece, Finderscope, 2" adapter, 1.25" adapter... top of the range.


A super telescope that comes loaded with extras at a ridiculous price.


Light, robust, fast, with the ideal focal length for deep sky objects, without chromaticism...the Apo refractors...are going to suffer...a lot

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

A nearly focal ratio of f/3.45

This is especially important for astrophotographers dealing with long exposure times. Imaging telescopes made of less thermally stable material can deviate from optimum focus after long time exposures. It can remain in focus for a longer period of time and long exposure images will stay clear and in focus.

2'' Dual Speed ​​Crayford Power Focuser

The new Crayford power focuser uses 4 precision ball bearings to support the drawtube and provide great stability and zero image shift while supporting a heavy eyepiece or camera. Moving the drawtube by the roller rather than a rack and pinion ensures exceptionally smooth operation and precise adjustability. The dual-speed feature has a second focus knob that has a 10:1 speed reduction to provide the super-fine adjustments even the most demanding users can appreciate.


It features paraboloidal primary mirrors made of Low-Expansion Borosilicate Glass resulting in substantially shorter cooling-down times.

It comes with an impressive 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Support and light gathering power improves greatly.

Optical Design Reflector 
Optical Diameter 150mm 
Focal Length 600mm 
F/Ratio f/3.45 
Highest Practical Power 300x 
Finder Scope 6X30 
Focuser Diameter 2" (50.8mm) Dual-Speed 10:1 Crayford Power Focuser 
Tube Weight 5.7 kg 
Shipping Weight 7.8 kg 
Shipping Dimensions 64.5x37.5x34 cm3 

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