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TS-Optics M68x1 swivel adapter - swivel flange for astrophotography

Swivel flange for ZEISS Level M68x1 thread, e.g. from Baader and TS-Optics

♦ Telescope side connection: Female thread M68x1

♦ Camera side connection: External thread M68x1

♦ Optically effective height: at least 9 mm

♦ The tilting flange allows the exact adjustment of the camera sensor to the field of view of the telescope.

♦ Alignment screws are on the male thread side. For focusers with internal thread M68x1, the thread reverser M68a-M68a is required.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics M68x1 swivel flange - for astrophotography

You have perfectly adjusted your telescope and are happy to see beautiful stars in the optical axis. But your camera shows warped stars in one corner? The larger the camera sensor, the stronger the effect. Almost all astrophotographers know this "bad corner".

Possible causes of this problem are:

♦ The field of view of the telescope is slightly tilted. This can happen with Newtonian telescopes in particular, but also with RC and Cassegrain telescopes.

♦ The focuser is slightly tilted, this may be due to the connection to the telescope tube.

♦ The camera sensor is not exactly at right angles to the optical axis. Manufacturers glue the sensors into the housing. The accuracy is sufficient for normal applications. But high-intensity optics reveal even minute errors.

This swivel flange for connection thread M68x1 is a possible solution:

Screw the adapter to the connecting thread M68x1 of the focuser. You can now tilt the accessories on the side of the camera with the three adjustment screws and thus adjust the camera sensor precisely to the optical axis of the telescope. After that, the orientation of the adapter to the camera sensor can no longer be changed.

And this is how it works:

Identify the "bad corner" and then start adjusting the camber flange.

1. Loosen the locking screws.

2. Adjust the adjusting screws according to the error in the image.

3. Take the following test shot: If there is a deterioration, you have chosen the wrong direction or possibly the wrong screw. If there is an improvement, you are on the right track.

4. If the result is satisfactory, retighten the locking screws - done

Tightening the locking screws may cause minimal change, especially in the case of telescopes with high light intensity and therefore tilt sensitivity. Please check this and take the offset into account when setting it up.

Expect sharp astro images in the corners.


Teleskop-Service has provided instructions in German as a PDF file for the swing clamps:. PDF TILT

Connection telescope side: M68x1 female thread (female)
Connection camera side: M68x1 male thread (male) - length 4 mm
Height: minimum 9mm without the male thread
Diameter: 95 mm

What´s included in the bos:

♦ Helical Focuser with 2 locking screws

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