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TS-Optics photographic adapter from M68 to M48x0.75 - adaptation of cameras

The TS photographic adapter allows the connection of DSLR and astro cameras to focusers with a female thread M68x1

♦ Telescope side connection: External thread M68x1 Zeiss-Level

♦ Camera side connection: external thread M48x0.75

♦ Optically effective adapter length: 31mm

♦ Free adapter opening: 45 mm

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

Photo Adapter TS M68A-M48A-30

The adapter allows the connection of DSLR cameras and astrocameras to focusers with internal thread M68x1. The adapter has an external thread M48x0.75 on the camera side. The effective length of the adapter is 31mm, because the M68x1 connection disappears in the focuser.

The photo adapter splits into two. You can unscrew the 30mm long M48 extension and get a very short adaptation from M68x1 to M48.

To connect a DSLR/SLR camera you need the appropriate T-ring (see recommended accessories). Cameras with a T2 (M42x0.75) connection can be connected via the TSM48i-T2a reduction adapter.

Telescope side thread: M68x1 (male), 6 mm length
Camera side thread: M48x0.75 (male)
Total length of the adapter: 37 mm without the male M48 thread
Optical path: 31 mm (without male M48 and M68 threads)

What goes in the box:

♦ TS Optics Adapter

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