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TS-Optics 2" Barlowed Newtonian Alignment Laser for Newtonian Telescopes

Newtonian collimation is more accurate with the Barlowed laser than with the conventional alignment laser.

♦ Suitable for all 2" focusers


♦ More accurate results thanks to an optimized Barlow lens that screws onto the 2" barrel


♦ The alignment laser connects to the adapter via a rotating clamp, which is as precise as it is screwed on


♦ The advantage of the Barlowed laser is that slight inaccuracies in the laser/2" barrel/focusing system do not falsify the adjustment result.


♦ The only requirement is that the Newton primary mirror has a center mark.


♦ The Barlow element can be unscrewed, so the laser can be used as a very precise 2" normal alignment laser and can even be adjusted


♦ Laser brightness can be adjusted in 7 levels

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics bar laser for adjusting Newtonian telescopes

The Newtonian laser done right allows you to collimate your Newtonian telescope cleanly in just a few minutes. Accuracy is greater than with a conventional 1.25" or 2" Newton laser. The main advantage is that inaccuracies in the focuser (tilt) or the 2" clamp do not falsify the adjustment result, as they are compensated for by the Barlow lens. The only requirement for the TS Barlowed alignment laser is that its Newtonian have a center mark on the primary mirror and have a 2" focuser.

Working with the TS Barlowed Laser is very easy:

♦ Secondary mirror adjustment:

The laser beam must hit the center of the main mirror. You can accomplish this by collimating the secondary mirror (by adjusting the adjustment screws on the secondary mirror). The laser beam expands through the Barlow lens. The laser point is scattered in an area. Therefore, you should set the laser to maximum brightness.

♦ Primary mirror adjustment:

The reflected laser beam now shows the ring-shaped shadow of the center mark in the side view of the alignment laser. The tilt of the laser has no effect on the position, only the adjustment of the primary mirror, which leaves only the adjustment error of the primary mirror, which you can now optimally remove.

Now that you are done, you have an optimally adjusted Newtonian telescope


Teleskop-Service provides detailed instructions in German for Newton adjustment using an adjustment laser. You can download the PDF here.



Conexión (lado de telescopio)  1,25" 

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Tipo Accesorios de alineación
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