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TS Optics Concenter 2" collimating eyepiece for Newtonian telescopes

The alternative to alignment laser, Cheshire for perfect collimation of your Newtonian: easy, fast and precise telescope adjustment!

♦ Suitable for the 2" barrel of the focuser


♦ With high quality protective case


♦ You can immediately see if the telescope is perfectly collimated or not.


♦ The adjustment is made through the edge of the mirror and not through a center mark, which is much more precise.


♦ Displacement is also taken into account.

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Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS 2" HUB - there is no easier way to fit a Newton

The alternative to all adjustment devices on the market! Here, finally, the center of the secondary mirror (without prior application of a mark) is perfectly adjusted to the fully illuminated focuser! Newton's displacement is also taken into account. This means that even beginners can achieve a perfect adjustment of their Newtonian telescope, also for astrophotography.

The Concenter eyepiece consists of a closed cylinder, similar to a Cheshire eyepiece. The key difference from a Cheshire is the embedded puck.

You do not need a center mark on the secondary mirror for adjustment. The adjustment is made directly on the edge of the mirror so that the optical light surfaces match exactly, even taking offset into account. Here you adjust much more precisely than with a laser, above all you can be sure that not only the axis but also the field are optimally adjusted.

Instructions on how to collimate your Newtonian with the Concenter adjustment eyepiece:

If you hold the adjustment eyepiece in your hand, you will notice a clear plastic disk with a central hole and concentric etched circles embedded in the lower end of the telescope. At the other end you will find a central hole, which is chosen so small that the eye has no way of escaping centering when looking through it later. After inserting the adjustment eyepiece into the focuser, you will see matte translucent rings in front of the telescope's optics.

♦ Adjustment of the secondary mirror to the focuser for optimal illumination

This step is done with the primary mirror covered. When using the concentrator eyepiece, make sure there is good lighting. The secondary mirror can now be adjusted, assuming the focuser is mounted at a right angle, so that it is positioned by moving or rotating it so that it appears circular and without offset between the circles on the adjustment assembly. With the focus adjuster on the focuser you can match the outer edge of the secondary mirror and the appropriate circle. Even small deviations from the ideal position are recognized immediately. In this way, it brings the secondary mirror to the optimum position for the focuser with millimeter precision. This step is only needed once, after that you can remove the main mirror cover.

♦ Alignment of the secondary mirror to the primary mirror

Look through the small opening of the concentric and adjust the secondary mirror with the adjustment screws until the bright reflection of the primary mirror is concentric with the circles.

♦ Alignment of the primary mirror to the optical axis

Now use the adjustment screws on the primary mirror cell to align the center mark on the primary mirror exactly in the middle of the concentric circles. You will immediately see the finest deviations. So your Newtonian telescope is fine tuned.

Manufacturer's instructions:

The manufacturer also provides instructions, we have the PDF ready for download:justieren_mit_dem_concenter.pdf

Type: Collimation eyepiece
Barrel size: 2"
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