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Astrozap Dual Channel Control for Dew Shield Heaters

The Astrozap two channel controller uses pulse width modulation technology. Each channel controls two outputs, so there are a total of four connections available. Each channel can be operated independently from 5 to 95% of output power, depending on the amount of power currently required.

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The Astrozap Heat Controller is designed for a 12V DC connection and should never be operated on any other voltage. Total power consumption for all four connections is 5 Ah. The controller is equipped with a 1.8 meter cable with a cigarette lighter plug. A 5 amp fuse is located in the plug.

The Astrozap Heat Controller is required to operate dew cap heaters and flexible dew caps with integrated dew cap heating. The RCA output can also be used to operate dew cap heaters from other manufacturers.

The green LED indicates that the controller is receiving power. The two yellow lights show the power consumption of the two channels. The brighter the yellow LEDs become, the higher the power consumption. If the controller is set to the lowest level, the channel is turned off. A 5cm Velcro strap is included to attach the controller to the mount.


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