TS-Optics Optics 2" CCD reducer 0.67x for RC and flat field telescopes up to F/8

The 2" CCD compressor reduces the telescopes focal length by a factor of 0.67, allowing for significantly shorter exposure times.

♦ The focal length reducer is ideal for RC telescopes. Also works well with Celestron EHD telescopes, or with refractors up to f/9

♦ DSLR cameras up to APS-C format field of view is illuminated: full illumination up to 29mm

♦ Easy connection to the telescope through a 2" cylinder

♦ The optimal working distance from the connection thread M48x0.75 to the camera sensor is 85 mm: enough space for accessories such as off-axis guides or filter wheels

♦ There is a 2" filter thread on the side of the telescope

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

TS-Optics CCD Telecompressor for Ritchey-Chrétien and other F/18 to F/8 telescopes

The TS Telecompressor CCD47 has been developed to reduce the focal length of RC (Ritchey-Chrétien) telescopes. However, practical tests have shown excellent suitability for all telescopes with a flat field of view, such as apos with a built-in corrector in the tube, Celestron EHD telescopes, that is, most telescopes of flat field. We particularly recommend the compressor for GSO / TS Optics / AstroTec Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes.

The characteristics of the CCD47 telecompressor:

♦ Insertion diameter is 2" - easily adapts to all 2" receptacle focusers

♦ With filter thread for 2" filters on the telescope side

♦ Camera connection via thread M48x0.75

♦ Optimum working distance from the connection thread: 85 mm to the camera sensor. Between 70-90 mm the results are very good.

♦ Foreshortening factor is 0.67x - an RC at f/8 becomes fast f/5.3. A telescope with F/10 still converts to F/6.7. The exposure time has been reduced by more than half!

♦ An illuminated 29mm field of view allows use of all camera sensors up to APS-C format.

Adapter recommendations:

Thanks to the long working distance, all cameras available on the market, whether CCD or DSLR, can be adapted without any problem. Here are some application examples:

♦ DSLR camera - adaptation via M48: TSVF230 and then the appropriate adapter from M48 to camera. For example, SKM48-EOS on Canon EOS

♦ CCD cameras via T2 thread connection: Two adapters can reduce the M48 connection thread to T2:

TSFA2 - Adapter to T2 with a total length of 38.2 mm. This is used when you want to join the optical path.

TSM48-T2: The adapter is short, only 3.5mm long. This is used when you want to use accessories like off-axis guides and filter wheels.

Barrel size: 2"
Filter thread: 2" filter thread at the telescope side
Camera connector: M48x0.75 thread (male, 5 mm long)
Body length: 29.2 mm (w/o male thread)
Working distance: Between 70-90 mm - optimal results are achieved at approx. 85 mm
Factor: 0.67x
Clear aperture: 44 mm
Coating: Best possible coating - guaranteed no reflexes or ghost images
Illumination at f/8: D=29 mm fully illuminated

♦ TS CCD47 Telecompressor

♦ Dust Caps

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