TS-Optics NEWTON coma corrector 1.0x Superflat 4-Element - 2" connection

The TS GPU 2" coma corrector from TS-Optics is optimized for astrophotography with powerful Newtonian telescopes.

♦ Super-flat 4-element coma corrector for excellent on-axis and field imaging.

♦ Ideal for Newtonian telescopes with an aperture ratio of f/4: gives very good results from f/3.5 to f/6.

♦ Highly tilt tolerant.

♦ The focal length does not change.

♦ The focus position moves out 20mm.

♦ Camera connection via M48 thread.

♦ The corrector can be screwed to the focuser for greater stability and precision. Connection adapters for cameras and focusers are available.

Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables
Entrega entre 8 y 10 días laborables

The Superflat TSGPU aplanatic Newtonian coma corrector for astrophotography

The comma corrector is a further development of the GPU by Pal Gyulai - GPU-Optics. The result is a high-quality 4-element corrector that delivers round stars across the entire field of view, even with larger camera sensors. Just type TS Superflat Coma Corrector into Astrobin and you'll see how well the corrector works on Newtonian telescopes.

Unlike 2 element concealers, the stars are also not enlarged. Simple correctors like to produce halo effects around brighter stars, this is eliminated with the 4 element design. The entire construction is also oriented towards the absence of reflections. Even bright stars are displayed without glare or ghosting.

The advantages of TS GPU Superflat Coma Corrector:

♦ Very good coma correction for Newtonian telescopes from f/3.5 to f/6

♦ No change in focal length

♦ The corrector can be clipped on, but can also be screwed onto the focuser using an optional adapter.

♦ The focal plane moves 20 mm outwards. This prevents the corrector from protruding into the tube.

♦ No residual coma or star halos even with fast Newtonians

♦ GPU corrector offers correction up to full frame sensors. A FLAT is required for optimal illumination.

The optimal working distance from the M48 thread to the camera sensor:

The optimal distance is 55 mm from the M48 external thread. The external thread itself does not count, since it disappears into the plug adapter. With our wide range of adapters, you can always achieve the optimal distance.

TS Optics innovation: screw the GPU corrector to the extension.

With optional adapters the corrector can be screwed onto the focuser. To do this, the corrector has an elongated M48x0.75 thread on the camera side. Simply lower the locking ring and you have an additional 3mm of M48 thread available for screw adaptations.

By screwing you gain stability and precision. The image improves and heavy cameras can also be used. Corresponding adapters with internal thread M48, for example to M68 or M54, are linked in the accessories area.

Fitting suggestion for an astronomical camera with a 17.5mm back focus and T2 connection:

Back focus is the distance from the T2 thread (M42x0.75) to the sensor. Most cooled astronomical cameras have this distance.

Adaptation with filter drawer for filter change:

♦ Astronomical camera ... 17.5mm flange distance

♦ TSM48-T2L extension to M48... 6 mm travel

♦ TSFSLM48 ... filter drawer ... 18 mm travel

♦ BAHYP14 ... 14mm M48 Extension ... 14mm Travel

The additional 0.5mm compensates for the optical path of the filter. At the working distance of the corrector (55 mm) always add about 1/3 of the thickness of the filter.

Type: Newtonian coma corrector
Optics: 4-element system
Length: 100 mm to the camera connection
Working distance: 55 mm
Connecting thread at the camera side: M48x0.75 male - length 5 mm
Filter thread for 2" filters: yes
Counter ring with M48 female thread: length 3 mm - can be unscrewed for screw adaptations
Coating: Multicoating on each lens

♦ GPU Coma Corrector with Locking Ring

♦ Dust Caps

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