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TS-Optics Doublet SD-Apo 125mm f/7.8 - FPL53 / Lanthanum Lens

Teleskop-Service Photoline Apochromatic with 125mm f/7.8 aperture with perfect color correction and 2.5" R&P photographic focuser.

♦ 125mm aperture / 975mm focal length / f/7.8 focal ratio

♦ Colorless images through Ohara (Japan) "Extra-Low-Dispersion" FPL53 APO element and Lanthanum glass element: this achieves optimal color correction.

♦ Interior bevels and multi-coating on each glass air surface for optimal contrast.

♦ One of the best 2.5" focusers in its class with 360° rotation, ball bearings - rack and pinion adjustment - with micro speed reduction - motor focus can be tailored.

♦ M68x1 internal thread for screw adaptations, 2" and 1.25" socket connections available.

♦ Innovative compression ring for a perfect fit of 2" accessories on the shaft.

♦ Working distance: 150mm from the 2" barrel - if you unscrew the spacer between the tube and the focuser, the working distance is extended to 210mm.

♦ CNC tube rings and GP-level dovetail bar and search shoe are included.

♦ Spray cap can be pushed in for transportation.

♦ Weight with clamps only 7.57 kg; can also be transported with small stands

♦ Finder shoe for standard finder mount is mounted on the focuser

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

Teleskop-Service relies on uncompromising optical and mechanical quality with the PHOTOLINE Apo series.

This apochromatic refractor is equipped with one of the best lenses in its class. The moderate aperture ratio and the use of two special lenses (FPL53 and lanthanum glass) allow a correction that is clearly above the level of two-lens ED apos in this price range. The image is comparable with three-lens lenses. The telescope can be used visually without restriction and, thanks to the optional field flattener and focal length reducer, nothing stands in the way of astrophotography.

The advantages and characteristics of the Photoline 125 mm f/7.8 Apo:

♦ Double clear lens with air chamber - special glasses FPL53 (from Ohara) and lanthanum glass.

♦ Fully adjustable and temperature compensated metal frame.

♦ 2.5" RAP Photoline rack and pinion focuser with micro reduction - accepts accessories up to 5 kg

♦ Direct connection thread M68 for correctors and reducers

♦ 150mm working distance from the 2" barrel

♦ The working distance can be extended up to 210 mm for binoculars or extreme reducers (Riccardi).

♦ Sturdy aluminum tube with inner panels

♦ GP/EQ5 Style Dovetail Bar CNC Tube Rings

♦ It only weighs 7.57 kg, so the apo is still very portable

The best high-end 2.5" focuser:

The RAP 2.5" focuser is a good alternative to the well-known Starlight FeatherTouch FTF25, with quality very close to this focuser. The focuser supports camera-side accessories up to about 5kg without causing tilt. focuser is sufficient for full frame sensors.

♦ Adjustment via rack and pinion - no friction - no sag like with the Crayford focuser

♦ M68x1 internal thread connection for later adaptations

♦ Self-centering eyepiece and accessory adapter for 2" and 1.25"

♦ Built-in spacer with connection thread M95x1 and length 60 mm. If you remove it, the working distance increases from 150mm to 210mm, for example for binoculars or reducers

Astrophotography with the Photoline 125mm Apo:

TS 0.8x PHOTOLINE Focal Length Reducer and Corrector - TSRedM63-125

♦ The corrector is specially calculated for the 125mm f/7.8 lens and offers the best possible performance.

♦ The corrector is simply screwed into the focuser's M68x1 connection thread using the adapter M68a-M63i (linked). Nothing is plugged in, so it is impossible to tilt it.

♦ The working distance is exactly 55mm, so connecting an astronomical camera, eg from ZWO, is no problem, since cooled cameras always come with the 55mm adapter. DSLR and mirrorless system cameras can also be easily retrofitted.


Aperture: 125 mm
Focal length: 975 mm
Focal ratio: f/7.8
Objective: Air-spaced 2-element lens - adjustable
Special glasses: FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) + lanthanum glass
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Focuser: 2.5" rack and pinion focuser
Eyepiece side connection: M68x1 thread (female), 2" and 1.25" receptacle
Back focus: 150 mm from the 2" receptacle with the M95x1 extension
Extended back focus: 210 mm from the 2" receptacle without the M95x1 extension
Connection thread at the tube: M138x1 thread (female)
Weight: 7.57 kg
Tube length: 850 mm with retracted dew shield
Tube diameter: 140 mm
Dew shield diameter: 170 mm
Shipping weight: 10.5 kg
Shipping dimensions: 92 x 30 x 27 cm
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