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TS-Optics Doublet SD-Apo 80mm f/7 - FPL53 / Lanthanum Glass Lens

The Photoline Apo 80/560mm offers a colorless image through FPL53 and special lanthanum glass, ideal for astrophotography through the 2.5" focuser.

♦ 80mm aperture / 560mm focal length / f/7 focal ratio

♦ Frame-adjustable FPL53 lanthanum doublet lens with temperature compensation

♦ Colorless image due to "extra low dispersion" apo element FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) and lanthanum element: image quality comparable to triplet FPL53.

♦ Indoor screens

♦ One of the best 2.5" focusers in its class - ball bearing extension tube - rack and pinion adjustment - designed for high loads

♦ 2" socket and M63x1 internal thread for screw adaptations available

♦ High quality CNC tube rings and GP level dovetail bar are included

♦ The finder's shoe is mounted on the focuser

♦ Dew cap can be pushed in for transport: weighing only 3kg and with a transport length of 46 centimeters, it is a very attractive travel telescope

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receive it in usually 7 to 9 working days

TS Photoline 80mm f/7 FPL53 doublet apo refractor

The new Photoline Apo from TS-Optics offers very good performance in practically all fields of observation and astrophotography. Image quality sets standards in this class. The lens uses FPL53 extra-low dispersion glass from Ohara (Japan) and lanthanum glass. This high-quality apo element and relaxed f/7 focal ratio allow for an image that is virtually free of color errors. The double lens also allows for faster cooling and lighter construction.

The best mechanics guarantee an excellent image over the years and success in astrophotography

The best optics can only be used successfully if the mechanics are correct. Savings are often made in the wrong place here. Not so with the Photoline 80mm f/7 Apo.

The advantages and features at a glance:

♦ 2.5" ball bearing focuser with rack and pinion (pinion) adjustment. The bearing is decoupled from the shooter adjustment.

♦ Oversized extension tube with 60mm free opening for full illumination even at full format.

♦ 1:10 micro reduction for ultra-precise focus

♦ High-quality CNC tube with internal screens and very good internal blackening: no disturbing stray light

♦ M63x1 internal thread enables stable screw-in adaptations for astrophotography

♦ Dew cap can be pushed in; the transport length is then only 46 centimeters

♦ Modern, multicoated 2 element lens with FPL53 as APO element and special lanthanum glass

♦ High quality CNC clamps and GP style dovetail bar with photo tripod connection

Astrophotography with the TSAPO80F7:

The Photoline SD-APO 80mm f/7 is suitable for unrestricted astrophotography, but as with any fast refractor, the field needs to be corrected so that the stars on the edge remain nice and round. We highly recommend the following correctors, the correctors and adapters are linked in the accessories area.

♦ TSFlat25DEL - 2.5" universal image field corrector without changing the focal length: The corrector is suitable for all sensors up to full frame. The corrector is screwed directly to the internal thread M63x1 of the focuser.

The working distance from the M48 connection thread to the camera sensor is 65 mm. If you are using a camera with a 55mm flange focus, such as an SLR with a T-ring, you will also need an M48 10mm extension #TSVF210.

♦ TSREDJM63S - 0.8x Field Corrector with Focal Length Reduction: The corrector reduces the focal length to 448mm and improves the aperture ratio to f/5.6. The corrector is screwed directly to the internal thread M63x1 of the focuser.

The working distance from the M48 thread to the sensor is 57.6 mm. If you are using a camera with a 55mm back focus (distance from wire to sensor), simply turn the fine adjustment to 2.6mm and you have the perfect distance. There is no battle of adapters.


Aperture: 80 mm
Focal length: 540 mm
Focal ratio: f/7
Lens design: 2 element lens (doublet), air-spaced
Apo element: FPL53 from Ohara (Japan) + lanthanum glass as second element
Tube material: Aluminium - CNC machined
Tube weight: 3.10 kg
Tube length: 460 mm
Tube diameter: 89 mm
Outer diameter dew shield: 103.6 mm
Focuser: ball bearing mounted 2.5" rack and pinion focuser
Connection eyepiece side: 1.25", 2" and female M63x1 thread
Backfocus: 123 mm from 2" receptacle / 161 mm from M63 thread
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